Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween is coming....

Thanks to Pip and his Pixie Dust the Aliens ran away and I am safe!  Whew!  Thanks Pip!! 
Mommy and Daddy have been getting ready for Halloween and to keep me busy I got I didn't go insane but I got a new furiend.  You already knew squeaker, now meet Batty (he squeaks too!).

You know you can't help but love it!  Squeaka!  Squeaka!

I love his ears they are so soft to chew on :)

And guess what are allowed to put his whole head in your mouth!! 


Friday, October 29, 2010

The Aliens Have Landed!!!

In honor of Halloween I thought it best to share these pictures with you! 

The Aliens have landed!! They wanted to celebrate with us and are starting with the smartest animals on the planet first....the dogs!!!  Beware and watch out!!

Do not stare directly into the light or they will take you too!!

PeeS...what you are witnessing is a true picture of me and not altered in any way- Seriously!! BOL!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Stuff #3

So more new stuff from Sloppy Kisses....yes it is a another coat but come on!  I needed one for the rain and one for the winter!  This is my winter coat.  It is sooo super warm and fleecy inside and then has the rain/snow protector outside.  I wore it to my daddy's softball game and was sooo snugly!!  Mom put her hand under it and couldn't believe how warm I was!!  She was jealous :)
It is a little bigger than my rain coat but that's cuz the size lower was too small for my big neck and torso musclenesses!  So we had to get one up, but mom says I will grow into it! 

I am sooo handsome, aren't I! 

AND....for all you skeptics out there who thought I wasn't magical or an Angel then take a look at this!! has to be me because there is NO WAY that it could be two coats that do this!

I am glowing again mom....

And just in case you didn't think this was the coolest coat ever!  Look what it does!!!


Oh yea, check out my plaidness, BOL!

This side is even better cuz it has a glowing paw!  I mean, come on, we can't get cuter than this ladies!!

Soooo, what do you think mom?  Will this get Maggie Mae to be my girl furiend?
(careful...Otis might see this, gotta keep it on the down low baby!)

There are two more posts of new stuff (no more coats I promise) but not until after Halloween....BOO! 
 3 days left!  Treats is the votes so far....well except for beer...
PeeS.  I'll have my dad get it for us :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


4 more days till Halloween....
Tricks or Treats?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Stuff #2

OK!  So my next new thing that mom bought me from Sloppy Kisses was my rain coat.  With all this rain we have been having I thought that this would be an appropriate item to show.  You see I HATE the rain.  And sometimes when it's raining hard, I make mom get the umbrella and go out with me to do my business or I just won't go.  (or I hide under the shed).  I just don't like to get wet.  Seriously...would you want to mess up your fur?

Anyway, so mom got me this cool raincoat.  It's blue, which is totally my color and matches my collar.  And fits me (in the words of Jim Carey) "LIKE A GLOVE".  You can still see all my rippling muscleness :)

(NOTE: Sorry if they are a little dark, when you get lower you will see why the flash was not an option-Levi's mom)

full frontal- don't mind my big head's full of smartnesses...

To the right....

And to the left...

Yes, total cuteness if I must say so myself.  But then something weird happened...

Keep going.......

wait for it......

OMD!!!!  I began to glow like an Angel.  I have been telling mom and telling her that I am a total Angel but she just didn't believe me.  Now here is the proof!  One more reason for the ladies to fall in love.  They are getting a bonafide Angel!!

Angel here reporting for duty! 

Maybe it's a magic cape!!  Careful now.  Or I will fly away! 

Come on...I am toooo cute and you know it :)

Well, mom swore that it was the flash reflecting off my coat but I am skeptical cuz I know how much of an Angel I am.  I think that I was just finally recognized.  What do you think? 

Here is a little teaser of my furiend Ralphie who I met with for the first time the other day!  Be sure to check out when I tell you all about our play time.  It was GREAT!!

Barks atcha soon!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday furiends!! 

Hope you are all enjoying the day.  I get to meet a new furiend today!  His name is Ralphie and I am waiting for him to come.  I will tell you about him soon :)

And be sure to go to Corbin's blog!  He has important information about a shelter that is closing in Tennessee and needs adoptions ASAP!!  Spread the word!

The following is a public service announcement on the dangerous new breed of grass.  Be careful of it's nasty side effects!  Be warned....

Barks atcha soon!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Stuff #1

So mommy LOVED Corbin's shirt sooo much that she had to go to the store Sloppy Kisses to get me some new stuff. is my first new item.  Hope you likes it!!

Yup that's me....Security up in here!

Hey!  Where do you think you are going?

Maybe Daddy's friend Mike will let me work the door of the club?....

Can I see your I.D.?

Eatcha hearts out ladies!

So whatcha think?  Have any cool outfits?
Barks atcha soon...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Mom's flashy thingy died so we are missing a few days but she gots it working right again now....

Friday, October 15, 2010

My "Play" Date

So as you all have probably seen on Maggie Mae and Corbin's blogs- we all got together at the park!  At first I thought Maggie Mae and I would get some alone time but Corbin wanted to come and I have wanted to meet him for soooo long that I couldn't say matter how much alone time I want with Maggie Mae.  I was so excited when mom said where we were going I could hardly keep still in the car!

WARNING* Mom knew how excited I was so she went crazy with the flashy thingy.  Be prepared to see some pics!!

I can't believe I am going to finally going to see Maggie Mae again!  Mom, does my fur look ok?  Will she like my new harness? 

So I was, of course, very impatient waiting because I was gonna get to see my furiends!

Is that her?  Are they coming!?

Oh Maggie Mae it's so nice to see you again.  Can I have a hug?
What about a kiss?


I think you two have met already....

We started on our walk and walked for a very long time!  I just couldn't wait for the end to have play time!!  But we made lots of stops along the way...
Corbin was asking Maggie Mae about Puddles...again....

Hi you like to play as much as I do?

Oh yes!  You do!

More I was a long one!

Corbin kept getting in between me and Maggie Mae...come on're doggie blockin'!

This is the pic my mom took that you guys have already seen cuz she shared it wif da udder mommies :)  We are soooo good looking- but Corbin was in the middle again....chaperoning.

We saw lots of other pups and some of these large dogs that I have never seen before!  They were a little stinky and had some crazy kinda barks.  I didn't understand why they didn't want to play? Mom called dem cows?  Never heard of dat kinda dog before.

This one was staring at my muscleness!

And FINALLY we got some play time!!!

Corbin and I started playin tug o war (one of my FAVORITE games) with his little zip travel water bowl.  The silly mom's (including my own) didn't bring anything better!

Maggie Mae watched and supervised us for this
I think she was awestruck by my muscle manliness....
Cuz she came in real close to check me out!
And could be expected...the bowl started to rip and tear from alls da tuggin
Oops!  Sorry Corbin's mommy!   We had to stop this tuggin before someone got hurt (Corbin,BOL)

Those cows made funny noises!!

This was the only good group shot we could get cuz I kept getting up.  I mean...muscle men don't lie down.  I didn't want Maggie Mae thinking I was lazy or sumthin'!

Couple of studs!! think I got a shot?

Careful fellas....don't turn your head for a second around Corbin...
Hey, does that dog wanna play too?

Cuz he was trying to move in! 
He swore he was only talking about me but I think dis is suspect!
That Corbin...what a playboy.  I think only Puddles could tame dis playboy!

But it was a long play date and it was time to go home.....
But not before it was time to get some num nums from Maggie Mae's mommy!!
Don't we look good together?

Bye Corbin....hope we can play in da yards soon!!

Bye pretty Maggie Mae!!  Hope we can play again soon.  You doing anything Friday night?  How about dinner and a movie?  I can play dis like dat Tramp fella mom had me watch on can be my Lady....

Till then I leave you with the final photo of our evening together
(we finally ditched Corbin, no offense dude-you got Puddles! BOL)
....I think we are a classic!!
sssshhh...don't tell Otis!! 

Barks atcha soon....Levi