Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday

Hi all!
So here it is...Thursday and almost ready for the weekend.  The weather has been more spring like and the walkies are back in full force!  I love walking the neighborhood and checking things out.  Being on patrol can be pretty hard from the window of my office- even if it is a big window!

But finally it has been warming up.  Last night we took the patrol as a family and went on a new path through the woods!  It was pawsome!  Too bad silly mom forgot the camera!
Silly mom!  Why'd you leave it home- you missed some great shots from our patrol.  And what if we needed some pawtograph proof or to get a photo of a perp!?!?!  I think that Sarge would be very disappointed in you....

And then, just when I am having fun on patrol is the weather forecast for tomorrow...

This white stuff is headed our way!

We are supposed to get 6-12 inches of the stuffs!

Oh well
Guess I'll just have to go back to doing this....

Maybe mom and dad will get to stay home and play with me!  This could turn out to be a good thing :)
Barks atcha soon!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gotcha Days...

Since I have been MIA due to having an extremely lazy mom...
I hope you all saw that it was pretty Maggie Mae's Gotcha Day

as well as the lovely Mayzie!

And today is the oh so cutesy Ruby's Gotcha Day! 

Be sure to go wish her a happy one as her pawrents are having a little comment contest that will donate money :)  That's always a nice thing!

And here is a special gotcha photo of me and Miss Ruby... 
I know, I know...they didn't mean that kind of gotcha day!  But I can't help myself :)

Here's to hoping I get the first dance with her at her pawty!

(And thanks to Puddles who showed us this coolest site to make these pawsome pictures!  But be forewarned...mamma is addicted, BOL!)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Header! And Kiss Champion!

Check out the new header that I won in the Auction for Richie and Ronnii!!
It is from Sandy, Andy and Shelly and it shows my sensitive side very well dontcha think? :)

And man am I tired!  I was told that I got the MOST kisses at the kissing booths...and called me the KING of the kissing booths.  I was sooo excited and it made me feel pawsome and very loved. 
I got 42 smackers!!!
(eatcha heart out Corbin, BOL)

I sure am sleepy from all that kissin....he he

Barks atcha soon....

Friday, March 18, 2011

Smoochie smooch

Today is the last day to come give me smoochies! 
(and raise money for Ronnii and Richie of course hee hee)
Just click on my picture to come and kiss me!
(and there are other doggies there too-but you know, I am the impawtant one and I am the 9th one down so come give me kissie face!  I promise not to drool....)
And be sure to check out the Auction!  And the Bake Sale
Last chance to get your goods :)

Barks atcha later....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luck of the Irish!


Be sure to wear your best! 

Tie or bow tie? 

Grab a drink with some furiends! 

But no matter what you do-be safe and have a blast!
(and look good doing it!) 

Puddles....wanna come over and have a beer? 

I hope everyone is having a GREAT St. Patricks's Day?  Tonight I get to go to my Grandma's and have corned beer...I mean beef and cabbage, BOL!

Mom is FINALLY feeling better so we will be catching up on our blog reading and we got some awards that we'll be posting about!  Thanks to everyone who awarded me :)  Mom is gonna have to figure out how to do an award page like some of my furiends have.

Be sure to go and wish Puddles brudder and sissy a Happy Birfday!!!!


Thursday, March 10, 2011


Sorry I haven't been around much this week.  Mama has the sickies and I have been taking care of her.  But I have been checking up here and there and seeing some of the tongue entries for Anna the GSD's contest and am amazed at the tongue on you guys and gals out there. 
I have been searching the photo files and just can't seem to find anything up to par.  Sooo...I have decided to enter my cuz Dillon cause he has a kinda weird tongue.
Check it out....
You see he's got this oddly long aerodynamic tongue. 
Look at that sucka!  It's like suspended in mid air!

It's almost as if it has a mind of it's own hanging off like that!

I mean-it's blurry here- but look at that sucka danglin like it's wavin in da breeze...weird!

If you look close, his tongue is actually laying on the ground- yup folks-it's THAT long!

I try to hold my own but it's way to big- see the difference?!?!
My best impression...I know-weak, BOL!

I mean, LOOK at that sucka!  WOAH! Holy tongue!

So pawsonally I think his takes the lickin...but this is my entry on Dillon's behalf (lazy auntie Jen Jen won't help him get a blog of his own.  Some excuse that he doesn't take pics well.  He takes em just fine with me, BOL!)

So...there it was and since this is MY blog...I will leave you with pics of me :)
It pawfully tiring taking care of mom...hope she gets rid of the sickies soon!

And don't forget to come give me kisses in the kissing booth!  Corbin said he's gonna beat me so I have quite the challenge on my hands.  He's got quite a way with the ladies!  I have been drinking lots of water to keep my mouth wet :)  See you there!

Bark atcha soon!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordless (sleepy) Wednesday

UPDATE: seems the ladies might be thinkin this is a little brazen for their eyes- but if you notice- my paw is strategically placed so no worries ladies- I hid everything to protect your um...delicate...sensibilities! :)