Monday, January 10, 2011

The Vet and not catching a break....

MAN...I just can't get a break!  See I came to live with my new family and have had worms (which I came home with so I don't know if it counts) an eye infection, ahem-"other digestive problems", doggie flu, and now a bum foot.  Mom can't believe this- in only a few months...we know the vets pretty well. 
Good thing I do pretty well there (thinking of entering Mango's contest for Shameless Dog, since I do anything for a treat and have a pretty extensive wardrobe-whatcha all think?)

So anyway, my nail broke in half- the cross way and was bleeding pretty bad.

It bled lots and I had to go to the Vet!  Again!!  Luckily they didn't have to take my whole nail off but they cut it REALLY short (as far as they could without hitting the quick) and then filed it with this skeery machine that I DID NOT LIKE!  It hurt my already sore nail.  But mom said they just wanted to get it as low as they could so there wouldn't be any stress on it- whatever that means!  That thing caused me stress!!
So now I have to wear this horrible thing....

See the stupid plastic over it?  I have to wear that cause we got more snow- which I LOVE! But can't really run with this thing on.  I am walking funny and the plastic makes me slip.  I don't like it at all and am being pretty miserable at home.  But wouldn't you be?
Mom felt bad about the plastic but since the bandage has to stay dry, as long as I leave it on it has to be covered when I got outside. So mom got me some boots.  I don't like them much either but they are better than the plastic.  No picture's of me with the instruments of terror boots yet- thank goodness!
The ONLY good thing is mom has let me on the couch with her and I have been doing a lot of this...

Oh yea...and on the pillow too, BOL!

And mom even pulled out the couch bed thingy futon overnight before I went to the vet so I didn't bite my foot and make it bleed more....

Sleepin right next to mom on the pillow and futon couch!!

But I am still just hobbling around with the stupid blue bandage on that mom keeps yelling every time I lick it or bite it.  Oh well....luckily tomorrow mom goes back to work and I will be able to work on it without anyone around and hopefully I won't be wearing it tomorrow night! BOL!! 
I letcha all know if I do :)

Barks atcha soon....
PeeS- still gotta share Christmas and the play date at my house (you might have seen it on Corbin or Maggie Mae's blog already) but mom's a slacker and hasn't uploaded any of the pictures yet.


  1. We sure hope that your foot heals up quickly so that you can get back to playing. Don't chew on your foot to much while mom is at work.

  2. Levi, we are so sorry. It sounds like you are having a really rough time of it. Your foot looks really painful and we know that plastic thing is hard to deal with but it will help it heel. We have prayers coming your way. Lots of love, Holly and mom

  3. Oh Levi -- us rotties aren't very good patients are we!! We really like to be the masters of our own fates. Please leave your paw alone so you can go outside and play sooner. Someone posted about an inflatable cone of shame recently. Or you could come cuddle up with us. Feel better soon.

    -Ruby, Gizmo and Bart

  4. WoW Levi!! You sound like a big boo-boo dog. Sorry about your owies. Hope you heal up real soon. We know about breaking nails, they are no fun!

  5. Poor Levi! Mabel tears her nails on our rocks a lot! So... we know what you're going through. TRY to keep it dry, k???

    You must enter MangoMinster!!!!

  6. Hey Levi! Have you been typin' too much? Mom says typin' breaks your nails.
    If I were you, I'd take FULL advantage of the sitiation, pillows and all!!

  7. Uh oh, don't touch that bandage or it'll be the cone of shame for you!

    We hope your nail gets better VERY soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  8. Levi, I'm so sorry.
    I wish you a speedy recovery.

    Nice woooh

  9. Oh my sweet Levi, I sure hope that heals up quickly so you can give your boot the boot!

  10. is a lemon doggie likes me! Everything happens to me too so mum calls me her lemon...ain't dat just wrong.
    Anyways, dude Iknow dat has to hurt like da dickens. ANd walking and runnung has to be dreadful. I would eat dis sympathy up though.


  11. Levi,

    Ouch...not again! :( I am sending puppy prayers to you right away to helps you get better! Don't chew on your foot cuz da faster you heal da faster we can play together again!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  12. Pleeeeeze .... no chewy on da foot or you'll be wearing dat old dunce cap.

  13. Hello I came over to say hello and thanks for visiting me. I see you have an ouchie and hope its all better soon. I have two cousins who are the same as you, they are huge and I dont go to visit as mum worries they may just like a kitty snack. MOL. They are babies realy and sit on mums knee when she goes round.See you again. Hugs GJ x

  14. Levi Mac, I am sorry that you hurt your nail. You look awfully happy at the vet's office though. I'll bet that they gave you some lovins while you were there!

  15. Yikes! You just can't catch a break. But it looks like you enjoyed yourself at the vet's as much as possible. I'm thinking there is a jar of cookies somewhere around that place.

    That plastic is a lot more stylish than you think. I bet you'll start a new doggie trend. Just watch!

  16. Yikes! Darwin's prone to breaking her toenails too. Last time she did it we were hiking on a snowy mountain and she left a trail of blood everywhere. It stopped bleeding on its own though and we never took her to the vet for it.
    What kind of boot did you get? We're looking at getting Darwin boots for the snow!
    Hope you leave that bandage alone! Then you'll get lots and lots of treats when your mom gets home from work!

  17. That sounds painful. But at least you are getting some good loving to make up for it. Feel better soon!!

  18. Hi Remington here! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet you! Sounds like you are in pain! OUCH! Take care, my new friend! BTW -- I am going to follow, not around your living room....just in Blogland....I hope we can be great friends!

  19. Oh, poor baby!! I hope you feel 100 percent really soon! Keep that bandage on!!!

  20. Hi Levi! You sure do look extra handsome! I have a fellow now but you would be the next one I would chase if I didn't! I hope your nail gets better soon!


  21. Oh, Levi! I'm ever so sorry abouts your tootsie! That doesn't look like fun at ALL. Good luck with getting it off while your mom's at work. Although now that I think about it, maybe you don't wanna do that cuz what if...gulp!...they make you wear the cone of SHAME? Yeah, you prolly oughta just leave it alone.

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. So you haven't destuffified your stuffie yet either? That's Most Strange. Do you think the company that made it sprayed it with "Don't Destuff this Stuffie" brainwashing spray? I bet they did! That's the only logical explanation.

  22. Get well soon! We want you to get well!

  23. Thanks for visiting us, Levi. We are so sorry about your paw. We know our vet way too well too, mostly for Phantom. Our advice to you is to try really hard to leave the bandage alone - you might end up in the dreaded cone:(

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  24. Hello...Wow! You sure do know the vet very well and I am sorry you've had to see him/her so often but at least your mom keeps a careful eye on you and never lets your injuries/diseases/etc go on for long! That's what I call a good, conscientious, mom! I saw in your earlier post that you are doing much better and that makes me happy!

  25. Duke did this to his dew claw as well!

    Poor guy wouldn't let me touch his foot for a week.