Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Banquet and Pawty!

This is so exciting.  I have been at the banquet in honer of Pip and Bunny.  They had the bestest race and it really showed all us dogs the power of furiendship, looking out for our fellow dog, and that it's not about the winner but how the race was run!  Hope you all got to see it!

Now we get to celebrate and whew I have been a busy dog!  As Security of Blogville I had a lot of duties yesterday!  I had to make sure all the security was in place for safety of all the celebrities puplebrities.  I mean since the Big Race- Pip and Bunny have been some pretty big puplebrities!

Puddles picked me up

Thanks for the ride! 

I didn't forget my foodables....

Special brews for all!

Pupcakes with special nummy ingredients, squirrel BOL

And delicious doggie safe chocolates.  (I am hoping they help me sweet up the ladies-heh heh)

Immediately on arrival I had several duties to take care of as head of da Security.

Cameras all in place.....

Extra security all in place.

Ok check...then I had to make sure everyone knew where to go and weren't just milling about.

Come on guys and gals....this way....please come this way.  No! Please use the hydrants located in specific locations only please!!!

Then when all my duties were done I got to PAWTY!
We had a great jam session....

And the best concert!!

And the ladies got pretty rowdy in their fashion show!

And we pawtied into the wee hours of the morning. 
I tried to do my speech but I brought the wrong one...
"I'd like to thank everyone for being here to celebrate and honor Pip and Bunny!  As Secretary of Blogville Security I would like to take a moment and thank you all for the nomination and swear my oath in front of you all.  I, Levi, do solemnly swear to protect you, lick you every night....Oh wait!  That's the wrong speech!  That's the one for Maggie Mae. air)......
It wasn't my best speech but what can I say, I shouldn't of head any of the special brews before heading up to the podium :)

So I finally got a chance to get on the puter and quick get a post up before heading back into the festivities....wait WHAT!? (talking on the walkie talkie).  "Oprah bit a dog?!?  Was she talking about Vick again?  We told her not to do that!  She better be up to date on her shots- we don't want any of our guests
catching anything from her!  I'll be right there!"

Sorry guys...gotta go.  Security detail never ends! 
Barks atcha later!!

And don't forget
Click on the picture and head over to the Auction.  If you haven't heard about it
Momma Tea, Ronnii and Richie need our help! 
 Go here to Frankie's blog to read all bout it what we can do to help!
(PeeS.  I hope that all my furiends don't mind the pictures I used from their blogs! If you click on the pics it will link directly to the blog I used)


  1. LEVI MAC... it was a grrrrreat speech.. up to that ONE Last "bullet point" (that's a security guy funny fur you). We all got your POINT and it was very much well done.
    Thank Dawg you were here to deal with the security pawt of this... Who would have thought Oprah would bite a Dawg.. or that Bono would ... well let's not discuss THAT. Sarge and Zona Pip and Alien were all so busy with doing their jobs... we just would NOT have made it without YOU!!
    OMD OMD.. I got 1/2 of one of those pup cakes... ROO grabbed the other half right out of my Paw!! The essence of Squirrel was Fabulous!!! We gotta have that Recipe!!!
    THANKS BUDDY fur being here fur US...

    I will go put you up on my list of Banquet Links!!!!!! Right NOW!!!

  2. Ahhhhhhh...ain't nuttin likes da wind in your furs ridin' in a Pinto!
    Dta sure is alotta camera...dear lawd I hopes you didn't get nuttin incriminatin on theres. Then again, I think EVERTHING we did was purty incriminating!


  3. Hey!! Thanks fur all the security, you did a great job. For all your hard work, come on over and have a Taco!!


  4. Levi
    I was so happy to get to know you a little on that wide wif Puddles. I am so impwessed wif the secoowity you awe pwoviding all of us . We can pawty wif abandon and no feaw! Did you get a chance to taste my Pizza????
    So glad you like ouw band and the fashion show..I was a little self conscious walking awound on that cat walk
    smoochie kisses

  5. Levi - you had your hands full with all that going on! Hope you got some of our mac & cheetos pie! Think it's named after you :)

    The Road Dogs

  6. Don't even get me started on those security guards. Alien and I had a couple of run ins with them last night. They are tough, but we took care of them.

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Don't furget, Levi -- we'll always back you up, dawg...

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  8. Those pupcakes look scrumptious! It was quite a party!!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  9. Good job...Levi! You stucks to your duties and didn't get up on da runways wit da girls!

  10. Levi Mac Any time you need to hire a little extra help fur your Security Duty.. Gizmo Bart and Ruby are pre approved by Me and the rest of the Cabinet. you can let them know that!!!
    You, Alien, Pip , and Sarge have the Largest Budgets in Blogville.

  11. You are doing great at your security duties, Levi Mac! We are lucky to have such a big, strong doggie like you around! :)

  12. levi,

    you are the bestest head of securities evarrr cuz not only do you keep us safe, but you bring super delish snacks, too! teehee. seriously, you rock, and this pawty rocks!!

    the booker man

  13. I think y'all threw one of the Pawties of the Year!!!

  14. That was a great speech! I have a serious case of the giggles after hearing it, though. It sure was one heck of a party!