Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day

Hi!  This is my first blog post so bear with me if I mess it up a little.  Mom said I could start my own blog after my auntie Jen-Jen showed me her friend Corbin's blog (Oh, Corbin) and I had so much fun reading about his adventures that I wanted to start sharing my own! 
I don't talk about anything that happened to me before June 2010.  That was when my friends Lisa and Jim rescued me from a bad place that was going to euthanize me and brought me to Precious Pups!  There I got to run around and play with lots of other dogs!  It was a lot of fun but Lisa told me that I was going to be on something called the internet and someone would come to bring me to a forever home and love me forever.  Now I didn't know what a forever home was but I sure was happy to hear about the love part!  So I waited and finally 2 weeks ago, my mommy and daddy showed up!  They were called Jackie and Brian then, but they soon became mom and dad to me!  I think I knew it was the forever family that I had heard about immediately because I rarely ever bark but I barked right away when I saw them.  And I tried to get in their car to leave when they were going away for lunch and I jumped right in because I wanted to go home with them right then!!  They must have not been able to resist me because they came back the same day and brought me home. 
I got to ride all the way home with daddy in the backseat.
It was a VERY long drive and eventually I got very tired.  Luckily  my dad has a very comfy lap!

We finally reached our home and it has so much room for me to play and run around and a big backyard that there are no other dogs to bother me(even though I do miss playing with them).  I love dogs and want to play all the time but mom says that not all dogs want to play with me- who could believe that!  Could you resist this face?

We went to this big store called Petco and they got me a whole bunch of things Auntie Jen-Jen got me a REALLY nice comfy bed!  I didn't know what it was at first but boy would I find out later!
We got home and I was so very tired and hungry. 
I ate a big bowl of food and if you can believe it...the people who had been sooo nice to me and I thought were the best ever....GAVE ME A BATH!  Like I stunk or something.  (I'll talk about baths another time though.)  It was over pretty quick so that was ok and I forgave them real fast because they rubbed me down with a towel and that was REALLY nice!
We hung out for a little while
but I couldn't stay awake so we went to bed and Jen-Jen left.  I didn't know she wasn't gonna stay but I get to see her often so it's ok. 
I tried to get into the bed with mom and dad but they wouldn't let me and put the bed that Jen-Jen bought me down.  OMG!  It was soooo comfy! I was out snoring right away!
Since then I have been playing and having lots of fun...but more of those stores later...


  1. Hey! Your Aunt Jen-Jen rescued me from the Humane Society where they were going to euthanize me! She's one of my favorite people ever! Glad you joined up with the bloggin' world. You'll find out that there are lots of other really cool dogs out there too! I'll tell them about you, and maybe they'll stop by to say Hi! Glad to have (blog)met you!

  2. We are followers of one of our favorite pals Mr Corbin. Welcome to dogblogging and congrats on your new home!!!
    Stop by and check us out www.houndgirl.com we would love to be friends with a good looking pup like you!

    Fred and Haylie

  3. Welcome to the world of Dog Blogging! I have just recently joined myself and have found it to be lots of fun :) I'm so glad to hear that you have a forever home with a Mommy and Daddy that are going to care and love you sooooo much! My auntie Jamie also works for a rescue to find forever homes for other dogs. She has 2 dogs, Grayce and Danger, my cousins. I hope we can be furiends and you can be furiends with Grayce and Danger too! Looking forward to reading about you :)

  4. Hey theres Levi! I came by from Corbin's bloggie. Does you go by Levi or Levi Mac?
    Welcome to da bloogie world, you is gonna haves a blast here.
    I also want to congratulate you on your fabulously awesome furever home. I thinks you is gonna like it there...your pawrents seems to be nice peoples (other than da fact they won't let's you in da bed...horror!)You is gonna haves a good, happy life...finally.
    Oh by da way, I am Puddles and I is a girl doxie. And don't listen to what nobuddy says bouts me...hehehe. Especially bouts how I likes to pawty and haves a beer every now and then....hehehehe!


  5. You are such a cute pup, and it's so great to meet you. We're looking forward to reading about your adventures.

  6. Hi Levi,

    Yay for finding your furever home! Any furiend of Corbin's is a furiend of mine. Welcome to bloggie world!! Dis is so exciting cuz you lives very close to me too! Do you go walkies at the Crossings like Corbin does? I goes dere sometimes, I hopes dat we can meet someday soon! Come and visits my bloggie.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS I think you will really likes it here!

  7. Hey kid how are ya doing. We love your Paw's Yankee T. Good job for a new pot'er'...BOL
    Benny & Lily

  8. So happy you found a great home Levi!! Can't wait to hear about your adventures. Come visit Lola's blog.

  9. Hi Levi Mac-

    Nice to meet you! Corbin sent me over! You are very handsome and fun!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  10. Hi - So nice to meet you! Corbin sent me over to say hi! Don't worry, you will get the hang of blogger - it takes a little while.

    I am a rescue dog, too! I was rescued back in 2001 and am now 12.5. I have a wonderful home and it sounds like you do too. And I am with you, I don't like to think about my life before my family saved me.

    Your pal, Pip

  11. Hi Levi Mac, Corbin sent us over. Congratulations on getting your humans to realise that they needed you! Sometimes they're a bit hard to train, but we're sure you'll eventually be able to teach them.

    Look forward to hearing about your adventures!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  12. Hello theres Levi Mac! I be Minna Krebs, and I heard bout your new bloggie over at Corbin's place.

    What a pawsome story about finding your furever home. Congrats!!! I happen to be a rescue/shelter alumni myself.

    I am kinda new to BlogLand, too(onlys four or five months) butt, I am addicted now! So you will have lots of fun here!

    I am your newest follower, so I am looking forward to becoming good furrends.
    Minna Krebs

  13. Hi Levi =) Great blog!! My furriend Corbin gave you a "bark" out (kinda like a shout out!) so I had to stop by to bark "HI!!!" What a great story and such a happy ending for you! Glad you found your furever home with your mom and dad!