Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I have been with my new family for 2 weeks now and having SO much fun!  But let me talk to ya all about something called the Vet. Now I have heard that word before but it was with this funny lady with no shoes and not much happening.  She gave me a sharp poke and I fell asleep and when I woke up...I knew something was missing and they said I was neutered but I didn't know what that meant.  I haven't felt quite the same since but I never went back there so I was cool with that! 
Well last Thursday we got in the car...a favorite thing of mine to do
and walked up to this very busy place.  Mommy called it the Vet.  It looked nothing like the other place so I thought maybe I heard Mom wrong.  It didn't matter to me because both Mom and Dad were with me and were home from this SILLY thing they do- I agree with you Corbin!- called work.  So we walked into this place

And holy moly!  There were dogs and cats and I just wanted to play with everyone and really I know they all wanted to play with me....well except the really big hairy guy that barked and tried to eat me!  I wasn't messing with that man!  I mean- why was he so angry- this place looked like fun! 
We had to wait a little while so I just hung out and watched all the animals VERY closely!

and I got pretty tired of waiting...

and then I got on a scale and they weighed me- I am all muscle I swear!
Then we had to go and wait again in this other room and I heard all this barking and going on outside and just didn't know why we were waiting around...

and waiting....

Finally this lady came in and was really nice.  She pet me a whole lot and rubbed me with a nice comb and brush and all over my body.  She called me handsome and told me how good I was.  She talked to my mom and dad for awhile and then when I thought she was just gonna pet me some more and we were ready to go....she stuck something in my butt!!  It was horrible.  I didn't cry or yell though because I refused to let them see my pain.  Then the lady took me away from my mommy and daddy in the bad room and stuck me with all sorts of hurting pricks- and look what else they did to me!

How embarrassing!  They shaved my coat!  When they brought me back to mom and dad I was so happy!  I heard them calling what they did to me micro chipping so I would never get lost but why would I need that!  I know where I am and where I am going- who gets lost!  Maybe the humans do, but not me!  But it was all over and we got to go home after that.  Mom gave me lots of treats and love when we got home but I hope they never take me there again!  Anyone else ever been brought to this torture chamber?

Till next time.....


  1. Dude, that doesn't sound like fun! I LOVE the vet! There are treats and lots of lovins from the staff and my vet, Dr. Mike, is super cool! But I've never had to be taken into a back room before... Thanks for the heads up - now I know now to go with them!!! Once, they tried to put a muzzle on me to cut my nails. My mom put a stop to that real quick. Who would want to put a muzzle on my cute face?! Anyway... Not all Vet visits are bad! Hang in there, the treats will come!
    ps. that work thing really gets in the way of play time, doesn't it!?

  2. We got our chippies when we were just little babies. Didn't have to be clipped, though. We don't like the Vets much either. Luckily, we only go once a year for the needles and check up. I don't hold still, and Kendra ignores everyone, Bella just shakes. BUT we love the liver treats we get at the end.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. That is a very good thing, that you gots da MicroChip! Now you will never get lost from your forever homes. NOT that you would ever wander away, I'm sure!

    I think you are a very brave dog......not to even squeal or wiggle when they did the butt checking.

    Good Job!

  4. HEllos Levi! Dat thingy up your butt is called a majic wand...or dats what they tells me. Howevers, between yu and me...I haves nevers seen any majic from it.
    We is all microchiped hers to. And it is so da peoples don't get lost cuz ya knows they is purty dumb when it comes to directions and stuffs.
    You must watch out furs dat Minna Krebs...hehehehe...her has very funny bloggie.
    Oh and knows then scotties too.
    Drop by and see me!


  5. My vet is such a nice lady and I get lots of attention there! But I don't think it's one of my favorite places...I just stand still and let them do what they need to do so that it can be over as soon as possible! But if they try to cut my nails I will Yell ;)