Friday, August 27, 2010


Hi all!  Sorry I didn't write anything yesterday.  It was a long day and I went to Petco with Mom and Dad and got some more food and new toys.  It was great.  I saw a great looking dog too and we played and played in the parking lot.  It was sooo much fun.  I miss playing with the dogs at the shelter.  Daddy said to get her number but she was kinda too young for me- but she loved to play which was great!!  I hope I can see her again someday!!  She was also rescued from the Humane Society so that was good for her!

Today was great too!  My mommy was home with me all day.  She said that she has every other Friday off from this "work" thing but all I know was she was home and played with me all day!!  I loved it.  Grandma stopped by an brought me a new toy (which we gotta talk about toys another time!  They are awesome.  Took me a bit to get to learn how to play with them but now I don't stop,lol).
Anyway, grandma stayed and played for a bit.  My new toy squeaks and I love those kind!
Then I played in the yard with mom for a bit and we took a walk.  And I waited for Daddy to get home.

When Daddy got home I went for another walk.  Daddy walks faster than Mommy which gets me tired!
Then I got to go to his softball game and met lots of people and a little girl to play with.  She is related to me somehow but I don't know how, just know she was fun!!

But now I am sooo tired I cannot stay awake but mommy said that the ball field was so dirty she gave me a bath!  Now ok fureinds, let me just say something about this bath thing.  No I don't love it but really the water is warm and Mommy rubs me a whole lot and then towels me dry which I JUST love!  I also like drinking the water.  And when I come out I get a really special treat if I don't jump out the of the tub.  Now I am not saying that I like them or anything but if you promise not to tell mom- I don't mind having them....but shhh!!!!  I don't want her to know!
Now I am so tired that I can't keep my eyes open to finish this.  So I am going to bed.  Talk to you later!

Grandma told me she would see me tomorrow!  Can't wait for that :)


  1. I LOVE your collar, Levi! Mom gets my food at the PetCo too! It's fun there, if you go to the one in Clifton Park, there's a nice worker dude that will give you free treats! FREE TREATS! Awesome. I haven't had that luck with the one in Colonie yet!

  2. No wonder you were exhausted after a day like that! But happy.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  3. What a fun day! I love when Mommy or Daddy stay home and play with me all day :)

  4. You are certainly a beautiful and spoiled little boy, Levi. I would suggest you make friends with Grandma's little fellow pretty soon or Grandma may not bring you any toys over anymore! We will post our pictures as soon as our mommy figures out how to do this on your blog.

    Fur kisses, Jasmine and Cubby, owners of Karen