Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fun Days

Now that I have been feeling better let's catch up my furiends!  I went to The Crossings for the furst time on Sunday and it was great! 

There were so many doggies there and these crazy things in the water mom called ducks!  I wanted them but was too scared to get in the water.  I mean- this wasn't bathtime!!
But I still had lots of fun...

Can you believe it says no dogs!  This is where the kids play.  I want to play there too...

Then I got sick and was down and out for a few days.  It didn't take long for me to feel better and I already told you guys about my bad days and the poker thingy that mommy keeps trying to get me with.
Yesterday we went back to the same park-The Crossings- and I got to meet Emmett and another dog named Luna.  She didn't like to be played with and we rough boys made her nervous but she warmed up a little after we had a reeealy long walk.  Mom said that it was hard cuz I still put when we walk and don't do something called heeling but I don't know- I just like to walk!  And I have to lead the way, I am too handsome to stay in the back.  What if I miss seeing something!!
But finally after the walk, some water and treats...Emmett and I got to play!
We moved so fast that mom had trouble taking pics- but here are some anyway...

It was so much fun!

Corbin and Maggie Mae couldn't come.  They were going today.  But hopefully we can meet next week!!
On the drive home I was so tired and when I got home- I couldn't stay standing! Dad and mom thought this was pretty funny and kept taking pictures of me.

But cuz I was so good at the park and good taking my eye goop- yes fellow barkers...I have accepted my fate..even if I don't like it.  I got this thing she called a smoothie.  It was soooo good.  Have you all had one?

Not much happened today.  I was in my crate as usual and then mom and dad had to go out and didn't take me with them!  But it was ok cuz Grandma came over to play wif me while they were gone.  We had fun and I showed her some of my toys :)
Well that catches us up to date for now.  Let's hope something fun happens this weekend! 
Woof atcha soon.


  1. what fun! Don't you want to just pee pee on those No Dog signs
    Benny & Lily

  2. That looks like such a fun place. I can see why you're so tired.

  3. That was a great day out. We laughed at the kids kept in their crate! Emmett looks like a great play mate. That Luna doesn't know what she's missing out on. No wonder you were exhausted.

    Maybe the eye stuff isn't so bad if you get a smoothie afterwards.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. I'm glad you are feeling better and that you had such a nice day at the park with your furiends :) I'm tired like that too after I play hard like you!

  5. Sorry we missed you! Next week we'll have to meet up! Luna doesn't like me much either, so don't feel bad!

  6. Looks like you and Emmett had a super great time playin! I'd luv to play with you too. Looks like you play hard like me :)

    Thinkin nap times are necessary,

  7. Levi! Send me an email OhCuteCorbinATgmailDOTcom and I'll give you the moms cell phone number. We'll discuss the Crossings this week. Maybe we can get together!