Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Hi everyone!  Happy Thursday!  I got to go to Grandpa and Grandma Mac's last night but it was too late to play in the yard.  Me and mom went for a great walk first so that made it ok. 
I got to ride in the of my favorite things!
And of wouldn't stop taking pictures....

Bright light! Bright light!  I can't see mom!

Come on mom!  Enough already- you're like the paparazzi...

 Ok, one more for the adoring fans....

Playing at the Grandparents was fun!  I know Grandma Mac is a little nervous around me (I don't know why cus I am so cute!) so I let her pet me and sit quiet why she does.  Mom gave me yummy treats for showing them what cool things I can do and I got real thirsty so Grandma had to get me a drink.  And man!!  Granpa Mac sure knows how to rub!  BOL!

It was great fun but now I can't wait till tomorrow cuz I am hoping to meet Maggie Mae and Cranberry!  I am really excited cuz I thinks I will be the only man present- oh yea fellas eatcha hearts out!!

On a sad note I would like everyone to say a little something to my good friend Squeaker who is no longer with us.  He was my bestest friend and made lots of noise!  O how I loved how much mom would laugh when he squeaked and squeaked!!  But mom said I bit his squeaker off playing wuf him and he had pieces or something coming out that could make me sick.  I don't know but I sure will miss him.  He was a good friend!!  Mom said she thinks dad won't miss the 7am sqeaking but I know I will.  Good bye my friend....
Here's one last squeaka squeaka to ya!!  No other squeak will ever sound the same....

Barks at ya all soon!!


  1. Going to the grandpawrents' house is always a blast for me too!! Oh don't worry, I'm constantly hounded by the puparazzi all the time too! Must be our good looks BOL :)

  2. Oh Levi, I'm bummed that mom won't take me AND cranberry, but that's ok because I'll get to meet you soon, I'm sure! I hope you have a fun time with the ladies tomorrow!
    ps. sorry to hear about your squeeker... mine usually don't last longer than a few minutes!

  3. Sounds like you had alot of Fun at yor Grandparents house last night. Gotta Love Photos. Sory to hear that Mr Squeaker.
    Your Friends

  4. You do look sad to have squeaker gone. And how lucky you are to have your own paparazzi!

  5. Sorry about the squeaker, there's just no workmanship anymore...(LOL).

    Hey, when you're that good lookin' you are going to be hounded by cameras all your life.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  6. Levi,

    Sorry 'bouts your squeeker. :(
    I am looking forward to meeting youz tomorrow nights fur sure!

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  7. The next law to go in effect will be no flash photography while driving..BOL Hope you meet those two kids tomorrow
    Benny & Lily