Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So since it's been so long let me start with why mom has been a slacker and not helping me post been busy and couldn't help me post and I will work backwards.  Just cuz I haven't been posting doesn't mean I haven't been busy!
So mom and dad threw grandma and grandpa mac a surprise 40th Anniversary party and boy was it fun!!  There were so many people and they kept coming over and giving me good stuff- rubs, kisses, and treats...but shhh...don't tell mom about that!  Here are some pics of my day.
This is me hanging out. 

Some people were scared of doggie's so I stayed on this side of the yard.  I was soo good that people kept coming over to see me the whole day.  The kids especially like rubbing my belly and I liked it too.  But don't feel bad for me being on this side of the yard cuz you know what was on this side wif me?  The food/grill and I got to get lots of stuff from it!  Yum!

Pssst...over here...can I have another hot dog please?
Some of my peeps...

And of course I saved some licks for my daddy...mmm...you taste like beer daddy...

So that was why my pawrents were SO busy and I haven't been around.  You can see why!  They was planning for like a month and boy were my granpawrents surprised!  There were sooo many people there.  Mom said like 50-60 and they ALL loved me.  Even the lady who said that Rottweilers scared her!  By the end of the party she was coming close to me and praising how nice I was.  Winning people over, changing minds one person at a time :)

Next time I will let all you pups see my pics from the big meeting with Maggie Mae and Cranberry (Oh how I miss her)  and of course Emmett.  So many other dogs came too!  I am sure you saw some of it from Maggie Mae.  I still have to meet Corbin but hopefully when Maggie Mae is all better we can try and meet up again.  Be sure to wish her better if you haven't!!! 
I also have to tell you about meeting my cousin Dillon (don't believe da hype- he ain't so scary!) and going to school!
Barks atcha soon!

PeeS...I think there are some contests I missed...hope I can get in em quick or find some new ones to enter!


  1. Very cool! A 40th Surprise Anniversary Party for your granpawrents! No wonder you've been absent. Glad you're back :) I missed your charming mug.


  2. Welcome back Levi Mac!!

    I sure has missed youz my furiend! My paw is getting much betters so very soon I will be able to meet up wif youz again....can't waits!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Congrats to youz grandma and grandpa!

  3. Glad you are back! Looks like a super fun party! Congrats to your grandma and grandpa!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Looks like the party was an awesome time! We definitely have to get together - maybe some time this weekend or next week? The rest of this week is busy with my momma. Can't believe you met the Dillon!!! I'm jealous... I've heard lots about him!

  5. Gald your back and looks like you had an awesome time. What a cool party and you got so much attention - you are one lucky dude!