Monday, August 30, 2010


I have so much to talk about from my fun action packed weekend and my first trip to The Crossings, but it will have to wait till tomorrow because I am not feeling well.  I am sleepy and my eyes hurt.  Mommy says that I have to go to the doctor cuz I won't stop scratching them.  She said that "V" word and I don't like it.  So she said I can blog tomorrow or later today if I feel better....hope all my furiends had fun weekends!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Hi all!  Sorry I didn't write anything yesterday.  It was a long day and I went to Petco with Mom and Dad and got some more food and new toys.  It was great.  I saw a great looking dog too and we played and played in the parking lot.  It was sooo much fun.  I miss playing with the dogs at the shelter.  Daddy said to get her number but she was kinda too young for me- but she loved to play which was great!!  I hope I can see her again someday!!  She was also rescued from the Humane Society so that was good for her!

Today was great too!  My mommy was home with me all day.  She said that she has every other Friday off from this "work" thing but all I know was she was home and played with me all day!!  I loved it.  Grandma stopped by an brought me a new toy (which we gotta talk about toys another time!  They are awesome.  Took me a bit to get to learn how to play with them but now I don't stop,lol).
Anyway, grandma stayed and played for a bit.  My new toy squeaks and I love those kind!
Then I played in the yard with mom for a bit and we took a walk.  And I waited for Daddy to get home.

When Daddy got home I went for another walk.  Daddy walks faster than Mommy which gets me tired!
Then I got to go to his softball game and met lots of people and a little girl to play with.  She is related to me somehow but I don't know how, just know she was fun!!

But now I am sooo tired I cannot stay awake but mommy said that the ball field was so dirty she gave me a bath!  Now ok fureinds, let me just say something about this bath thing.  No I don't love it but really the water is warm and Mommy rubs me a whole lot and then towels me dry which I JUST love!  I also like drinking the water.  And when I come out I get a really special treat if I don't jump out the of the tub.  Now I am not saying that I like them or anything but if you promise not to tell mom- I don't mind having them....but shhh!!!!  I don't want her to know!
Now I am so tired that I can't keep my eyes open to finish this.  So I am going to bed.  Talk to you later!

Grandma told me she would see me tomorrow!  Can't wait for that :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My name

A couple people have asked about my name.  Well my first name is Levi and Mac is short for my last name.  Anyone can call me Levi...Mac....Levi Mac....handsome....good boy....muscle man....well just about anything calls me Poopie but I am not really sure why...I like it when she calls me hot stuff! 
Later folks.....


I have been with my new family for 2 weeks now and having SO much fun!  But let me talk to ya all about something called the Vet. Now I have heard that word before but it was with this funny lady with no shoes and not much happening.  She gave me a sharp poke and I fell asleep and when I woke up...I knew something was missing and they said I was neutered but I didn't know what that meant.  I haven't felt quite the same since but I never went back there so I was cool with that! 
Well last Thursday we got in the car...a favorite thing of mine to do
and walked up to this very busy place.  Mommy called it the Vet.  It looked nothing like the other place so I thought maybe I heard Mom wrong.  It didn't matter to me because both Mom and Dad were with me and were home from this SILLY thing they do- I agree with you Corbin!- called work.  So we walked into this place

And holy moly!  There were dogs and cats and I just wanted to play with everyone and really I know they all wanted to play with me....well except the really big hairy guy that barked and tried to eat me!  I wasn't messing with that man!  I mean- why was he so angry- this place looked like fun! 
We had to wait a little while so I just hung out and watched all the animals VERY closely!

and I got pretty tired of waiting...

and then I got on a scale and they weighed me- I am all muscle I swear!
Then we had to go and wait again in this other room and I heard all this barking and going on outside and just didn't know why we were waiting around...

and waiting....

Finally this lady came in and was really nice.  She pet me a whole lot and rubbed me with a nice comb and brush and all over my body.  She called me handsome and told me how good I was.  She talked to my mom and dad for awhile and then when I thought she was just gonna pet me some more and we were ready to go....she stuck something in my butt!!  It was horrible.  I didn't cry or yell though because I refused to let them see my pain.  Then the lady took me away from my mommy and daddy in the bad room and stuck me with all sorts of hurting pricks- and look what else they did to me!

How embarrassing!  They shaved my coat!  When they brought me back to mom and dad I was so happy!  I heard them calling what they did to me micro chipping so I would never get lost but why would I need that!  I know where I am and where I am going- who gets lost!  Maybe the humans do, but not me!  But it was all over and we got to go home after that.  Mom gave me lots of treats and love when we got home but I hope they never take me there again!  Anyone else ever been brought to this torture chamber?

Till next time.....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day

Hi!  This is my first blog post so bear with me if I mess it up a little.  Mom said I could start my own blog after my auntie Jen-Jen showed me her friend Corbin's blog (Oh, Corbin) and I had so much fun reading about his adventures that I wanted to start sharing my own! 
I don't talk about anything that happened to me before June 2010.  That was when my friends Lisa and Jim rescued me from a bad place that was going to euthanize me and brought me to Precious Pups!  There I got to run around and play with lots of other dogs!  It was a lot of fun but Lisa told me that I was going to be on something called the internet and someone would come to bring me to a forever home and love me forever.  Now I didn't know what a forever home was but I sure was happy to hear about the love part!  So I waited and finally 2 weeks ago, my mommy and daddy showed up!  They were called Jackie and Brian then, but they soon became mom and dad to me!  I think I knew it was the forever family that I had heard about immediately because I rarely ever bark but I barked right away when I saw them.  And I tried to get in their car to leave when they were going away for lunch and I jumped right in because I wanted to go home with them right then!!  They must have not been able to resist me because they came back the same day and brought me home. 
I got to ride all the way home with daddy in the backseat.
It was a VERY long drive and eventually I got very tired.  Luckily  my dad has a very comfy lap!

We finally reached our home and it has so much room for me to play and run around and a big backyard that there are no other dogs to bother me(even though I do miss playing with them).  I love dogs and want to play all the time but mom says that not all dogs want to play with me- who could believe that!  Could you resist this face?

We went to this big store called Petco and they got me a whole bunch of things Auntie Jen-Jen got me a REALLY nice comfy bed!  I didn't know what it was at first but boy would I find out later!
We got home and I was so very tired and hungry. 
I ate a big bowl of food and if you can believe it...the people who had been sooo nice to me and I thought were the best ever....GAVE ME A BATH!  Like I stunk or something.  (I'll talk about baths another time though.)  It was over pretty quick so that was ok and I forgave them real fast because they rubbed me down with a towel and that was REALLY nice!
We hung out for a little while
but I couldn't stay awake so we went to bed and Jen-Jen left.  I didn't know she wasn't gonna stay but I get to see her often so it's ok. 
I tried to get into the bed with mom and dad but they wouldn't let me and put the bed that Jen-Jen bought me down.  OMG!  It was soooo comfy! I was out snoring right away!
Since then I have been playing and having lots of fun...but more of those stores later...