Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!


I know, I know- I have been MIA but there has been a lot of stuffs going on around here and I have been busy keeping an eye on things.
You see, mom and dad were having a new electricy thing (electric box converted from fuses to breakers) installed and also a freezy box (central air) thing that is supposed to keep me cool in the summer.  But when they had the freezy box put in they found something wrong with our hot box (furnace)!  It had cracks and wasn't safe.  Mom and Dad only got the house like one month before me so this was a big surprise.  Any way, the last two weeks here have been full of workmen and lots of odds things going on in my house.  Grandma had to come over and watch them with me.  So the best thing about that......

I did a lot of this :)

Oh grandma....a little to the left please

But all that works ended yesterday and things should start to get back normal now...hopefully!
Mom and Dad also started boxing so they have been out after work almost every night.  I don't know why I can't go.  I think I have a great left hook!

Well- I hope everyone has a very nice Easter!  The bunny left me a new Kong toy so gotta go play with that!  Going to Grandma's for Dinner today too!  Yummy food and Dillon- gonna be a great day!
And get these stupid ears off....BOL!

Barks atcha later....

(keep an eye out for me- I'll be visiting ya later)

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Finally it's here!!
Mom had Dad have spent all day in the yard getting it back under control.  And me....well....
I get to be back on patrol!

Can you see me? 
You can?

Wait, let me add some more camouflage....

Can you see me now?

I am in stealth mode!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!!

Barks atcha soon...

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

Mother Nature tricked us good!  We only got a couple inches and nothing that will stick for long. 
Oh zoomies.
Guess I will have to wait till next year to audition for my role in da movies

Meanwhile....I will be back on patrol!

AND it's the weekend!!! Oh yea baby, it's....FRIDAY!  Let's get the weekend pawty started!

I got lotsa stuff from my brewery

and lotsa
Sorry Puddles...they are Dad's favorite. 

Who's comin' over?

Barks atcha soon!