Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is a day to commemorate all  men and women who died while in military service to the United States.  Let's take a moment to remember all the men, woman, and dogs who have served and died to protect us.

I am ready for the pawty today mom!

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Daddy

Today is my Daddy's Birfday! 


In honor of him, and cause I don't have any green papers,  I have decided to dust off my brain and rhyming skills and have created a little poem.

Here goes......

Oh Daddy
by Levi Mac

Oh Daddy
You play wif me and you stay wif me
You rub my tummy and you feed me yummies
You keep me fed and you pat my head
You taught me to sit and you clean up my sh…oops- no HBO words (sorry daddy)
You clean up my drool and my stinky stool (better? BOL!)
I lick your nose and sometimes your toes (ewww but I do sometimes, legs too)
You cover me up tight and kiss me good night
Oh Daddy….I wuf you!

Happy Barfday…um I mean birfday!

Don't touch it Daddy, it's my toy! know I can't resist the tickling

Mmmmm..Daddy your fingers are've been in the Cheetos!
Toy, what toy?

All this thinkin and rhyming has got me exhausted.  I am gonna go take a nap....
Barks atcha soon.....