Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blog News- Award, Voting, and Assignment and a special day!

There is a lot of blog business that I have to catch up on so BE prepared!


So I got a blog award from 2 cool blog furiends of mine.  They both think I am pretty snazzy!  I got this from
Trixie, Lilly, and Sammy-Joe  AND  24 Paws of Love
This was pretty pawsome of them and I won't be shy....I think I am pretty stylish too :)

There are 4 duties to perform to receive this award:
  1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
  4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!
Okay, so to go in order of the rules:
7 things about myself first. 

1. I have "almost" stopped chewing my stuffies.  Momma is so proud it makes me happy cuz I get extra treats.  I still get at them occasionally but I have 2 that I have had since Christmas (one is only partly alive,but mom still thinks it's an accompomplisment so that's cool man...
2. I LOVE SNOW!!!  I get all cracker and run through it- eat snow, and eat icicles too.  It's funny cuz mom tries to chase me around telling me not to eat them, BOL- silly mom :)
3. I am a sleeper.  I love to nap.  I love my beds.  My mom calls it resting and luckily I have found pawrents who are just like me and appreciate a little sleeping in on the weekends.  Now if I could only get dem to try it during the week.....
4. I am swinging single!!  Sure, I have my crushes but most of the ladies are already spoken for and I am still young and don't think I should settle down yet.  But some day....
5. I LOVE playing with my furiends and taking walks with them at the Crossings.  I not only get to meet my blog furiends but some of them foster and I get to meet those doggies too!
6. I don't like veggies.  Spit em right out.  Come on- what kid eats their veggies man?
7. And last but not least.....I am- as Puddles told me- a lemon dog.  I consistently and continually have things happen to me-sickies and other funny problems.  This makes me know the vets pretty well.  Thank goodness I found a family who likes lemons :)
(If you click on the picture it takes you to where I found the picture but the link isn't anything to me- just so I didn't copyright the photo, BOL)

An now for the 15 bloggers to nominate.
This is really hard! I have made so many great new friends here, and I think they all have stylish blogs. And I don't know who has gotten it yet or not so if you have, it's ok if you don't do the rules all over again, or if you just don't want to- that's ok too :) 

In no particular order...

Wow, that was really hard! If I didn't choose you, it doesn't mean I don't love you and think your pawsome, okay?  



My furiend Corbin is in a contest and you can vote for once a day per email.  This could help him win LOTS of green papers for his rescure!!
Visit him at:  Oh Corbin to read all about it!!!

Vote for him here



I got to celebrate my goodest pretty furiend Maggie Mae's barkday.  She turned 2 and the boys and I had a party in da furs wif her.  It was lots of fun and I am sure all of blog land will be seeing lots of photos soon!!!

If you didn't already go wish her a happy sure to- k?



I have been officially assigned to begged for the post of
This is pretty cool and I am pawfully excited to be the Security around these here my badge and everything!!

"I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of the Secretary of Blogville Security, and will to the best of my ability, agility and dog sniffing powers to preserve, protect, support and defend the  Bloggers of Blogville against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me Dogs-and kittehs."


Got my shirt on and everything-all ready for action!

Just be sure to remember!  I'll be watching you!

Was that enough for you for one day?

Barks atcha soon......

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New camera and a post finally!

Mom finally got a new camera and has been taking lots of photos of me so we can get back to our bloggin like we used to.  She is such a slacker man!  But with the snow/ice storms and me laid up with my paw...there hasn't been much to photograph so now that she has the new camera she is constantly in my face taking random pictures.  Seriously mom...enough! BOL
See the stupid bandage came back!

I hate this thing!

Yes I went back to the Vet.  They bandaged me up again....but never fear!  I took it off as fast as they shut the door on my crate and pulled outta the driveway! BOL!   
Mamma wasn't upset this time but I tried the "I'm sorry pose" just in case :)
And then guess what!  A few days later the nail broke (it was only cracked before)...and was hanging all funny like.  Dad was touching it and it pulled right off.  Gross and oddly cool :)  So now my quick is exposed but doesn't hurt, I just have to wear these silly boots when I am outside.  I was wearing them inside for a bit (which you can see in some of my pics) but now it's only for outside to keep it clean-mom says.  And I have the anni-bionics again but I get GOOD treats for those so it works for me!

Enjoying some of the snow we have gotten.  ZOOM!

Dad finally got a snowblower and makes me zoomie paths all around the yard.  Sometimes I get all cracker and try and run through the snow but I sorta get lost in it- you would think I was Puddles size or somethin!  But we just got ALOT of snow :)

Whatcha lookin at?  Don't be jealous of my monkey...and don't try to take him!

Really mom!  More pictures!?! wasn't me, I didn't do it.  Just here with my monkey

Here take this bit of cuteness mom!  (had to give her one, you know, to be nice)

Take that! No more posing, I am done!
  Betcha wanted to get a shot of this!! BOL!
(see the silly boot- at least they aren't pink BAHAHAHA)

All this photography is exhausting!

So since we caught ya up on some pictures we will be catching up on other things we missed.  I got awarded by 2 blogging furiends, I have a new cabinet position, I didn't show you my Christmas yet, AND some other things we been doin!!  So hopefully this was enough for now, promise not to be so long next time.....
Leave ya with one last bit of sexiness...for the ladies!
One handsome stud....

Bark atcha soon....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

Here I am, almost towards the end of my week and I find myself contemplating the past week.  I have not been my usual "good" self and mamma has been repeatedly upset with me.  So I find myself going over my activities and wondering where I went wrong.  Mom keeps calling me "naughty" and at first I thought she had a new name for me but the way she says it, I swear it can't be a good thing and I have stopped wagging my tail when she says it!
First- I tried biting the Vet when she was using a whirly Dremmel machine on my bad toe- but really she shouldn't have been doing such a thing...and I didn't really bite her.  Just pretended I was gonna ;)
And- I ripped off my bandage- that I know really made mamma mad cuz she worries about me too so much but I just couldn't leave it on, it was itchy and made me walk funny and I couldn't do any yard zoomies and honestly kept falling up and down the stairs with it.  (It really didn't get me the sympathy I thought it woud)
And- I chewed up my crate blankie- but I do that everyday so I really don't know why she gets so surprised by this.
And- I ate one of my toys- but um...he was asking for it really.
And- I ate some wrappers that were left on the table- but I tried to explain that I was just trying to help throw them away.  I mean, why leave trash on the table.
And- I played with mamma in the snow last night-which was SOOOO much fun and I bit her pretty hard- but I was only playin and just went a little cracker cuz she never got down in the snow with me before!  And she was throwin snow and me so she kinda was asking for it a little...
And this morning I ate a baggie of my treats- but really they shouldn't have been within my reach and I had to show them so they know that they weren't put back in my doggie drawers. 
So all in all- it's been a tough week, so I just thought I would take a moment to contemplate over the past few days and try to understand it all.............................................
Just fooling, BOL!  Come you clearly saw I didn't do ANYTHING wrong this week.  I am just thinking about my entry to the Mango Minister contest that I have to write tonight so I can post it tomorrow. 
Seriously people....did you think I was thinking about me being "naughty"? 
As if!
I'm too sexy for this pose!

Barks atcha soon :)

(hopefully the mamma will get a new camera soon cuz these phone pictures stink-hee hee)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mommy is upset with me....

Yup!  First thing I did was take off that nasty bandage!
(Read the last post if you missed why I was wearing a bandage)

I can't look at you mommy.  I know I was bad but I REALLY couldn't help myself!!

The remnants of my bandage and blankie (for those of you who don't know, mommy buys fleece by the yard cuz I chew it up everyday.  She doesn't know why and doesn't know how to get me to stop- heck! I don't know why I do it!!)

This is the remnants of my bandages and a little bit of the daily fleece blankie.  Umm......

Mom, I am sorry-  really I am.  I couldn't help myself.  I didn't like how it felt and I am walking just fine, really I am.  There was only a little bit of blood  today cause I went cracker dog when I went outside after not feeling like I could run for two days....
really mom....I am sorry...

I don't think she is buying it.  But she can't stay mad at me furever!  :) he he

(Note from Levi's mom: keep your paws crossed that it doesn't continue to bleed or crack more or Levi is gonna have to have surgery and take the entire nail off- then the bandage will be on permanently, no play dates will happen, and then he will have to wear the cone- or as I  have heard called "the cone of shame".  I warned him.  We'll see how it goes now...)

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Vet and not catching a break....

MAN...I just can't get a break!  See I came to live with my new family and have had worms (which I came home with so I don't know if it counts) an eye infection, ahem-"other digestive problems", doggie flu, and now a bum foot.  Mom can't believe this- in only a few months...we know the vets pretty well. 
Good thing I do pretty well there (thinking of entering Mango's contest for Shameless Dog, since I do anything for a treat and have a pretty extensive wardrobe-whatcha all think?)

So anyway, my nail broke in half- the cross way and was bleeding pretty bad.

It bled lots and I had to go to the Vet!  Again!!  Luckily they didn't have to take my whole nail off but they cut it REALLY short (as far as they could without hitting the quick) and then filed it with this skeery machine that I DID NOT LIKE!  It hurt my already sore nail.  But mom said they just wanted to get it as low as they could so there wouldn't be any stress on it- whatever that means!  That thing caused me stress!!
So now I have to wear this horrible thing....

See the stupid plastic over it?  I have to wear that cause we got more snow- which I LOVE! But can't really run with this thing on.  I am walking funny and the plastic makes me slip.  I don't like it at all and am being pretty miserable at home.  But wouldn't you be?
Mom felt bad about the plastic but since the bandage has to stay dry, as long as I leave it on it has to be covered when I got outside. So mom got me some boots.  I don't like them much either but they are better than the plastic.  No picture's of me with the instruments of terror boots yet- thank goodness!
The ONLY good thing is mom has let me on the couch with her and I have been doing a lot of this...

Oh yea...and on the pillow too, BOL!

And mom even pulled out the couch bed thingy futon overnight before I went to the vet so I didn't bite my foot and make it bleed more....

Sleepin right next to mom on the pillow and futon couch!!

But I am still just hobbling around with the stupid blue bandage on that mom keeps yelling every time I lick it or bite it.  Oh well....luckily tomorrow mom goes back to work and I will be able to work on it without anyone around and hopefully I won't be wearing it tomorrow night! BOL!! 
I letcha all know if I do :)

Barks atcha soon....
PeeS- still gotta share Christmas and the play date at my house (you might have seen it on Corbin or Maggie Mae's blog already) but mom's a slacker and hasn't uploaded any of the pictures yet.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year Blog Furiends!!
From me and my cousin Dillon :)
Sorry for the flashy eyes but getting us both together was tough---well Dillon tough, he doesn't like the flashy beast.  Check out my smile :)

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year.  I will be back visiting everyone today and am finally all better.  Today me, mom and dad are recuperating from their New Years Party (and Housewarming, AND Anniversary) It lasted till 3:30am!!  And we are all tired.  Hope everyone had a great New Year!

I gots lotsa stories from Christmas and tomorrow Corbin, Emmett and Maggie Mae are coming over to celebrate Christmas (cause I was sick so we had to postpone)!!  I can't wait!

Oh, and Happy Anniversary to my mommy and year ago they gots married and if they hadn't I couldn't be here wif dem now... love you!

Barks atcha soon!