Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sally's Sleeping Beauty Project

I am entering my first contest that my friend Fred has on his blog!  It called Project Sleeping Beauty by Sally.  Be sure to go and vote for me!
Think I have a chance?

Rollin wit my homies...

Hey all, just chillin...riding wit my peeps!  I just love riding in the car.  Check out this video that mom took and I didn't even know it.  I thought she was just tryin to take my picture!  Can't a fella just relax and scope out the ladies?  I was just trying to "roll in my 5.0 with the window down so my ears can blow" BOL!
If you watch close you can catch me jammin to my beats....WAY COOL!  (turn your sound on)
*Song is by 50 Cent and contains some swearing*

What up yo...where my dogs at?

Bark atcha soon!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So since it's been so long let me start with why mom has been a slacker and not helping me post been busy and couldn't help me post and I will work backwards.  Just cuz I haven't been posting doesn't mean I haven't been busy!
So mom and dad threw grandma and grandpa mac a surprise 40th Anniversary party and boy was it fun!!  There were so many people and they kept coming over and giving me good stuff- rubs, kisses, and treats...but shhh...don't tell mom about that!  Here are some pics of my day.
This is me hanging out. 

Some people were scared of doggie's so I stayed on this side of the yard.  I was soo good that people kept coming over to see me the whole day.  The kids especially like rubbing my belly and I liked it too.  But don't feel bad for me being on this side of the yard cuz you know what was on this side wif me?  The food/grill and I got to get lots of stuff from it!  Yum!

Pssst...over here...can I have another hot dog please?
Some of my peeps...

And of course I saved some licks for my taste like beer daddy...

So that was why my pawrents were SO busy and I haven't been around.  You can see why!  They was planning for like a month and boy were my granpawrents surprised!  There were sooo many people there.  Mom said like 50-60 and they ALL loved me.  Even the lady who said that Rottweilers scared her!  By the end of the party she was coming close to me and praising how nice I was.  Winning people over, changing minds one person at a time :)

Next time I will let all you pups see my pics from the big meeting with Maggie Mae and Cranberry (Oh how I miss her)  and of course Emmett.  So many other dogs came too!  I am sure you saw some of it from Maggie Mae.  I still have to meet Corbin but hopefully when Maggie Mae is all better we can try and meet up again.  Be sure to wish her better if you haven't!!! 
I also have to tell you about meeting my cousin Dillon (don't believe da hype- he ain't so scary!) and going to school!
Barks atcha soon!

PeeS...I think there are some contests I missed...hope I can get in em quick or find some new ones to enter!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

Hi furiends....I have missed reading everyone's blogs and writing my own but my mom and dad are working on something big right now and they said that after the weekend everything will get back to normal and I can get back to telling my stories and blogging with everyone again.  So I promise to post big things soon!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

Guess I gotta try the wordless Wednesday thing cuz mom has been slacking and hasn't helped me post AT ALL!  She was away and now has been working on da house non-stop and interrupting my sleep! 
Hope to blog more soon....
Miss you furiends....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Hi everyone!  Happy Thursday!  I got to go to Grandpa and Grandma Mac's last night but it was too late to play in the yard.  Me and mom went for a great walk first so that made it ok. 
I got to ride in the of my favorite things!
And of wouldn't stop taking pictures....

Bright light! Bright light!  I can't see mom!

Come on mom!  Enough already- you're like the paparazzi...

 Ok, one more for the adoring fans....

Playing at the Grandparents was fun!  I know Grandma Mac is a little nervous around me (I don't know why cus I am so cute!) so I let her pet me and sit quiet why she does.  Mom gave me yummy treats for showing them what cool things I can do and I got real thirsty so Grandma had to get me a drink.  And man!!  Granpa Mac sure knows how to rub!  BOL!

It was great fun but now I can't wait till tomorrow cuz I am hoping to meet Maggie Mae and Cranberry!  I am really excited cuz I thinks I will be the only man present- oh yea fellas eatcha hearts out!!

On a sad note I would like everyone to say a little something to my good friend Squeaker who is no longer with us.  He was my bestest friend and made lots of noise!  O how I loved how much mom would laugh when he squeaked and squeaked!!  But mom said I bit his squeaker off playing wuf him and he had pieces or something coming out that could make me sick.  I don't know but I sure will miss him.  He was a good friend!!  Mom said she thinks dad won't miss the 7am sqeaking but I know I will.  Good bye my friend....
Here's one last squeaka squeaka to ya!!  No other squeak will ever sound the same....

Barks at ya all soon!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...kinda

So I haven't been blogging but my mom and dad haven't been around most of the weekend to help me.
See dad helps me with my spelling sometimes...

Does that look right dad?
And with them gone most of the weekend I haven't had much to say and been hitting a bit of writer's block.

hmm...what should I say....

My grandma came over last night though and that was fun.  Mommy had to go to the store so Grandma came over to play.  We keeps our playtime secret from mommy though and I pretend like I was waiting for her the whole time!  hehe
Dad has been doing that work thing all day and all night for the past few days which just stinks!  But mom said that I might be able to see Corbin and his new foster sister so I am hoping that will be soon.  And she said she will be wif me all day on Friday!  And I am going to stop and see my Grandma and Grandpa Mac tonight for a visit.  I can't wait!  I hear they gots lots of good stuffs in their yard...
But didn't want y'all to think I fell off the dog world.  I'm still here, watchin out for things...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fun Days

Now that I have been feeling better let's catch up my furiends!  I went to The Crossings for the furst time on Sunday and it was great! 

There were so many doggies there and these crazy things in the water mom called ducks!  I wanted them but was too scared to get in the water.  I mean- this wasn't bathtime!!
But I still had lots of fun...

Can you believe it says no dogs!  This is where the kids play.  I want to play there too...

Then I got sick and was down and out for a few days.  It didn't take long for me to feel better and I already told you guys about my bad days and the poker thingy that mommy keeps trying to get me with.
Yesterday we went back to the same park-The Crossings- and I got to meet Emmett and another dog named Luna.  She didn't like to be played with and we rough boys made her nervous but she warmed up a little after we had a reeealy long walk.  Mom said that it was hard cuz I still put when we walk and don't do something called heeling but I don't know- I just like to walk!  And I have to lead the way, I am too handsome to stay in the back.  What if I miss seeing something!!
But finally after the walk, some water and treats...Emmett and I got to play!
We moved so fast that mom had trouble taking pics- but here are some anyway...

It was so much fun!

Corbin and Maggie Mae couldn't come.  They were going today.  But hopefully we can meet next week!!
On the drive home I was so tired and when I got home- I couldn't stay standing! Dad and mom thought this was pretty funny and kept taking pictures of me.

But cuz I was so good at the park and good taking my eye goop- yes fellow barkers...I have accepted my fate..even if I don't like it.  I got this thing she called a smoothie.  It was soooo good.  Have you all had one?

Not much happened today.  I was in my crate as usual and then mom and dad had to go out and didn't take me with them!  But it was ok cuz Grandma came over to play wif me while they were gone.  We had fun and I showed her some of my toys :)
Well that catches us up to date for now.  Let's hope something fun happens this weekend! 
Woof atcha soon.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!?

So what's up with everyone being wordless on Wednesday's?  I got lots of things to say!!  I am feeling better and ready to go!  Mom didn't leave her camera for me so I can't show you my pictures from my weekend and fun stuffs so that will have to wait till later but right now I am happy to be feeling better and want to talk about this medicine thing...I mean ok, the one that they wrap up in yummy treats I don't even know that it's medicine.  She tells me it is but it tastes like Liverwurst to me!  Yummy!!  But this other stuff- this stuff that mommy has to stick in my eyes...I DON'T LIKE IT AND MOMMY DON'T COME NEAR ME WITH IT AGAIN. 
She has tried a couple ways to get me to cooperate.  She has been trying to lure me with peanut butter while she tries to poke me- nope. And she tried to be all sweetness and nicey, petting me and sitting on the floor with me- nope, not buying it.  And then this morning!  She must be frustrated with me cuz she got down on the floor and tried to be the alpha with me- hahahaha!!  Come on- does anyone really think that worked?  We rolled around a lot and she got full of my hair and licks but that's about it!  :)
Now mom- I love you very much but I do not like it when you stick that little poker in my eye and try to put goo in it.  I know I am still scratching them a little but they are better I swear!  I mean doesn't she see me running around happy again?  What is with our humans fellow dogs?  They want to do the oddest stuff to us and expect us to lay down and take it!  Well not me, no sireee!  I fight mom lots when she tries to do it and can't help myself.  She gets some in there now and then but I make her work for it :)  She swears that it is to help me but I am not to be fooled!  What does she take me for???
Daddy just sits by and watches and thinks we are both crazy.  Whatever Daddy!  I can get you too if you think of trying with the eye goop!!
Anyway, mommy said I am feeling better and can meet Corbin and Emmett tonight.  I think even Maggie Mae said she might be there!  I am sooo excited and can't wait till they get home from that "work" thing they do.  So for now I am going to enjoy my Kong and hope to share some photos from my weekend with you  later (which was lots of fun!). 
Howls atcha later!!

And mom- I'm watching you....stay away with that pokey eye stick!