Thursday, March 10, 2011


Sorry I haven't been around much this week.  Mama has the sickies and I have been taking care of her.  But I have been checking up here and there and seeing some of the tongue entries for Anna the GSD's contest and am amazed at the tongue on you guys and gals out there. 
I have been searching the photo files and just can't seem to find anything up to par.  Sooo...I have decided to enter my cuz Dillon cause he has a kinda weird tongue.
Check it out....
You see he's got this oddly long aerodynamic tongue. 
Look at that sucka!  It's like suspended in mid air!

It's almost as if it has a mind of it's own hanging off like that!

I mean-it's blurry here- but look at that sucka danglin like it's wavin in da breeze...weird!

If you look close, his tongue is actually laying on the ground- yup folks-it's THAT long!

I try to hold my own but it's way to big- see the difference?!?!
My best impression...I know-weak, BOL!

I mean, LOOK at that sucka!  WOAH! Holy tongue!

So pawsonally I think his takes the lickin...but this is my entry on Dillon's behalf (lazy auntie Jen Jen won't help him get a blog of his own.  Some excuse that he doesn't take pics well.  He takes em just fine with me, BOL!)

So...there it was and since this is MY blog...I will leave you with pics of me :)
It pawfully tiring taking care of mom...hope she gets rid of the sickies soon!

And don't forget to come give me kisses in the kissing booth!  Corbin said he's gonna beat me so I have quite the challenge on my hands.  He's got quite a way with the ladies!  I have been drinking lots of water to keep my mouth wet :)  See you there!

Bark atcha soon!


  1. Finally your blog has purpose. Good one my man... Good one... See you saturday for our sleepover. But bring your own bed. I don't spoon with dudes. ~Dillon
    PeeS. Mom says she has her dollars all ready. Nasty.

  2. Your tongue is most peculiar. I do believe it has an alternate agenda from your brains sometimes.


  3. Don't think you can compete with Dillon--BUT do you really want to? Kissing Booth sounds more like your style.

    Hope the Mom is better soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. Hi Levi!! You hang your head over the side of the bed, too!! See you for smooches!


  5. BOL, you got some good ones there
    Benny & Lily

  6. Those are some awesome tongue pictures I say! Dillon's tongue loves to flop to the side, huh? I think it's alive.

  7. Sorry your mom has been sickie.

    Now that is some Major tongue Action going on there.

    PeeS.. I got your envelope and your tickets are in.

  8. Dillon has a mighty agile tongue there and he's certainly a handsome guy, but it'll be YOU in the kissing booth with all the LADIES, Levi! Who can resist that sweet face of yours. You lucky dog, you! Corbin's gonna have some SERIOUS competition from you!

    The Road Dogs

  9. You jus' concentrate on taking good care of your Mom and leave da tongue ting to your cuz! Dat's your job now!

  10. Whooa! Too much studly tongue photos!!! Swooon!

  11. Levi, you're such a studmuffin! All the ladies will be lining up for your smoochies...

  12. Levi! Hey dude I've missed ya! Hope you got lots of smoochies from the ladies ;)

    Waggin at ya,

    PeeS: I gave you an award just before my puter went poof. See post "Mom's in the Dog House" :)

  13. Wow, that is one amazing tongue! It looks like it is HEAVY! No wonder it is always falling out of your mouth!

  14. I hope your mom feels better soon. She is very lucky to have you to take care of her!

  15. Take good care of your momma! I like your and your cousin's tongue!