Monday, November 8, 2010

Dog Award!

I got an award!!  Thank you Lola!!  That was so very nice and being pretty new to this blogging thing I am so honored :)  I hope everyone enjoys my adventures as much as I enjoy everyone else's!! 

Here are the rules of the Doggie Bloggie Award:
1) Thank the person who gave the award and link to them.
2) Name 10 things about yourself-creative, weird, enticing, whatever.
3) Award 15 doggie bloggers-whoever you think deserves this regardless of whether they are old or new.
4) Share the love with the doggie bloggers you award by commenting on their site.
5) Finally, have a great time! After all, doggies are nothing if not fun!

Here are the 15 doggie bloggers I am passing this on to.  I enjoy reading them so much and hope they enjoy visiting me too!  In no order at all :)

These are only a small list of the wonderful blogs out there that I read and I hope you all enjoy these too.  Had to give the shout out to my friend Corbin and my girl Maggie Mae, yes sorry pups....there was a bias :)
I have met dem in da furs...

10 things about me...hmmmm...really, only 10?  Ok, let's see...
1) I am new to my furever home but am settling in really well.  I have to follow my mom and dad around all the time though.  I never want to be parted from them and they can't go far without me.
2) I am a sleeper.  I love to nap.  My mom calls it resting and luckily I have found pawrents who are just like me and appreciate a little sleeping in on the weekends.  Now if I could only get dem to try it during the week
3) I hate the work thing.  It takes my mom and dad away, I go in the crate, and it takes me away from rest time with them. 
4) I have difficulty keeping my cousins head out of my mouth.  He really taunts me though and it's not my fault.  He totally puts my head in his mouth when no one's looking and pretends innocence.
5) I love playing with my furiends and doing the bitey face.  I also bite the back legs but hey, it's all part of playtime dudes! (and the fact that my cousin tastes like chicken)
6) I am a bonafide muscle man!  Check me out ladies...
7) I have a frog spirit.  I lay like one with my legs out behind me and when I run outside I leap like a frog which makes my dad laugh like crazy :)  I like that sound! Makes me jump at him (like a frog)! BOL!
8) I love my Kong.  But let me be more specific- I love my Kong when it is filled with Liverwurst.  Yes I know it's crazy but I can't get enough of the stuff.  It's like Puddles with her beer and cheetos.
9) I like to lay on laps.  Yes, I will make myself fit and I will not be on the couch- mama says no couch!  :)
10) Last but not least- I have a large blockhead.  And I don't mean I get called that, even though I do.  I mean it's so large and square that people think I am top heavy.  I mean, if I bent over too far to lick my paws, I could flip over!  I hit my head into walls all the time and it doesn't faze me.  I even use it to push people around.  And best of all, when playing with my head is to big to fit in his mouth!

Hope you all enjoyed this and thank you for my award. 
I will leave you with the coolest thing that happened today...


I couldn't decide if I wanted to go in or stay outside.  I love snow!


  1. Hey Levi, love that romp in snow! Bring some that stuff this way. And who says you have a blockhead?? Looks just right for you! BOL

    Thank you so much for the award.

  2. Thanks for the award, buddy. I will pass it along. Hey! Glad you like the snow. I like it too, but not ice. Ick.


  3. Awwwwwwwwe...thank you so much furs passing da award on to me. You so super sweet.
    And congrats to you furs recieving it.
    Uh, I don't quite understand why you can't get on da is your house you knows. I thinks dat was in da adoption handbook. Check page 52.


  4. Thanks Levi!!! You deserve this award and I always enjoy your posts! I am also a professional napper AND hate the whole work thing, too! I am trying to come up with a big money idea so my mom doesn't have to go to work everyday. So far, I haven't come up with anything, but let me know if you have any ideas!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. Congrats on your award Levi! We love reading about you, too! And we want to thank you for passing it on to us.

    That is so cool that you had snow today - lots of people are talking about the snow. Don't think we'll be getting any HERE, though. Probabaly gonna have to take another road trip to see some SNOW! HAVE FUN!

    The Road Dogs

  6. Congratulations on your hard-earned reward!

    Shiva loves her Kong as well. It's really the best toy ever. But I've never tried liverwurst inside... Hmmm...

    Yay for snow days! I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to our first snowfall of the year.

  7. Wow! You already has snows?!?! If it snows here the whole state shuts down...weird huh?

    Thanks for the award!! That's pawsome!!

  8. Congrats on your award!!!!!!!! and a super thank you for sharing it with us :) We love reading your blog and so glad you are our friend! xoxoxo

  9. OoH Levi,

    Congrats on your award and tank youz fur sharin' it wif me too! You is so sweet! ;)

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Da video isn't workin' fur me so I will come back later and try again!

  10. Ah Hem. Correction, you means you are giving a shout out to MY girl. I will allow you and Corbins to admire Maggie Maes from a distance. BWAAHHAAAHAAA! Congrats on your new award. Tank yous for sharin it with mee beebee!!


    Pee.s. You is a good furend, Levi!!

  11. I love when dogs lay in the frog pose. It was good to learn so much about you, and thank you for thinking of us for the award!