Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tasty Dillon

So my cousin comes over to play with me a lot now that he has gotten over some of his fears....well of me anyway :)  And I can't help but be like Mango and put his head in my mouth all the time.  He doesn't seem to mind....too much.  And he gets his payback cuz he peed on my head once! 
Dude!!  So nasty! 
Momma can't get a pic of the head biting cuz hers and Auntie Jen Jen are usually to busy yelling at me to stop.  But I do it often enough you think mom following me with the flashy thing would get at least one pic of it!! 
Auntie Jen Jen said she doesn't know where I learned to do this but below is absolute proof that I learned it from Dillon himself!  She might not remember this, but he did it to me first!  Payback sucka, BOL!
See Mom...he did it to me first!  My head is just too big for him to fit it in.  I can't help that!

But he is just so darn tasty!!!  See....

Mmmmmm.....he tastes like chicken! 
We both love it when he comes over and he is bigger than me and barks at me so I have my ways of getting back at him.....

Um...that would be him on his back-not me. I know we do look a little alike.  Sometimes ya just gotta drag dem around to get dere attention, ya know!

Playing wif him in my yard is awful fun but dude I get sooo tired after he goes!
Well...for a little bit anyway, BOL!!
Barks atcha soon!!!
PeeS...  Check out the Thursday blog hop at Teacher's Pets blog- she featured me and I am honored!  Does this mean I am super blog cool?  She even talked about my secret love for that super cute Maggie Mae...well I guess it's not so secret anymore! BOL!
I gotta go hop- you too?

Ummm...sorry Auntie Jen Jen is using her lawyering and threatening no more treats if I don't tell y'all to read the comments as Dillon and she forced me to put a disclaimer about my post today from Dillon in my comments.....I had to add this here cuz theys afraid no one will read it!  Who cares, I say! BOL!  I am right and it's MY's I can say what I want and its da truf!!  And if him wants to complain den he needs his OWN blog- so there Auntie Jen Jen!!


  1. Hi Levi! Nice to meets you! We love new furiends! Thanks for visiting us! We're trying to follow you, but the google thing is being a pain right now!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  2. My cuzin Dillon is fretining legal actions if I don't post his comment to my blog! Whoa dude settle down. Oh well here it is even though I completely think he is full of it and making stuffs up just in legal terms!! But here anyway so he doesn't "kill me" (which he does act like sometimes dude-seriously-you do):

    "Dillon's Rebuttal:

    Good Afternoon Doggie Bloggers. I am normally a rather reserved fellow. This blogging thing is new to me. (Although my mom aka Auntie Jen Jen reads all of your blogs and laughs her head off). I feel as though I must clear my good name based on these libelous comments made by my cousin (my mom is also a lawyer - so take that Levi!!).

    I would just like to clear to the air on a few things:

    (I) I put up with a lot from Levi (mostly without retribution) and I would like to point out that I hold 2 degree's from Good Manner's Dog School and I have also had some additional advanced training. Now my cousin Levi on the other hand . . . where to start. This beast puts the bitey on me constantly, does not "settle down" when told to do so and runs in the other direction when his mom says "come". I try to explain the "play rules" to him, as I am also currently enrolled in a top flight school (The Pet Lodges in Glenville) taught by a real 2 legged favorite of mine named Michelle. But I digress.

    (II) I most certainly have never put that beast's head in my mouth. I mean really. Lord knows where his head has been last. I am way to refined for such shenanigans.

    (III) As far as the allegation that I peed on him. I was simply going to the bathroom and the ding bat stuck his head under there - what exactly was I supposed to do. I mean he didn't even move he just stood there and let me keep peeing on him. His mother (my Auntie Jackie) had to pull him away. Um yeah - I'm dealing with a real genius here.

    (IV) My alleged bad boy behavior. Yes I do have a tendency to get riled up when I meet another dog on my leash. I was attacked by another dog while out walking one day and now I am leash reactive. But as I have mentioned already I am getting some advanced training with that and getting better everyday. However, in an off leash setting I am a total angel at my previously mentioned place of learning.

    (V) Tasting like chicken. This may in fact be true. I have never bitten myself so I can neither confirm nor deny this allegation.

    I am really starting to like Albert (brother to Puddles) he seems like a very sensible fellow. We should get together and have tea.

    Regards, Dillon"

  3. wow, some buddy over there is really tasty. Lily says my ears are really tasty too. And yes you are special!
    Benny & Lily

  4. I have given you the Doggie Bloggie Award. Come and get if you are interested.

  5. tastes like chicken! hehehehe
    I can't believe he peed on you! Gross!

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Dillon, my dude... you need your own blog! Get on your momma! HILARIOUS my friend.
    Oh... what? this is Levi's blog? Ohhhh, that's right. Levi! Dude! You're funny too. And I attack Emmett's legs like their chicken too! Fun times! Let's play, huh?!

  7. Happy Thursday! We are stopping by from The Teacher's Pet Blog - "Thankful FUR 3 Thursday" to say hello and to help follow your blog! Please stop by and say Hello and follow us too. Have a fun day.

    Joan & Jane Austen Eyre

  8. he sure does look tasty nom-nom. yall are so silly and looks like yall are having a blast!!

  9. Hi Levi!
    Thanks for visiting me & Alex today. We are so happy to be your new friends. You and your cousin definately made me laugh! You too are not only way cute, but very funny too. Love the pic's!

  10. Hi Levi! We're new friends from the Thursday blog hop just stopping by to say hello!

    Marianne & Lucy

  11. Levi, you are 100% right. It's YOUR blog. Can't believe he peed on your head--don't take any crap from him. Heehee.

    His back leg looks like it'll make a good ham!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  12. We think you are evenly matched. It is so nice you were featured.

  13. What fun you two had! That's just not right him peein on your head and all BOL! So Dillon tastes like chicken? I really like chicken. ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  14. You absolutely are super blog cool. I said so.

  15. Hey Dillon! Bite me! Levi is my pal. You can't bedazzle me with that legal mumbo jumbo double talk stuff. I KNOW you must taste like chicken and i KNOW you likely taunt Levi to put your head in his mouth and CLEARLY you are a lying on his back submissive momma's boy gonna get your neck bit. So there.


  16. Hi!
    Great pictures! So funny!
    we love to play like that too!
    we will follow your adventures!

    Jack, Kaiser and Farrusquinho