Friday, November 19, 2010

Puddles Special Brew

Here it is folks!  Puddles own brew made specially for her from the Levi Mac Brew Factory!
The Doxie Ale has a crisp fresh squirrel flavor with a touch of Cheeto and hint of Mango for that extra special kick.  The unique robust taste will keep you warm with sass and make you feel good!

Taste test reviews provided by:

My cuzin Dillon:
"Although I am not usually an imbiber, (as I must always be on the look out for forces looking to breach the manor)  this is just the right mix of hops and processed cheese.  The dash of mango gives it that little extra kick (must be the slobber).  I am concerned that if my beast cuzin drinks this he will have even more reason  excuses to put the bitey on me."
My furiend Maggie Mae:

"Dis beer/ale  is in a class by itself! After tasting it fur da first time you realize it is da beer/ale fur you! A strong brew, full of flavor, spunk and feistiness AND it goes well wif cheetos, cheeseburgers and squirrel stew! I luvs dis beer/ale and I know you will too!"

My furiend Corbin:
"Now this here... this is a quality brew! Its ever so fresh and short. Its got some zest and a tad bit of hot dog flavor. A savory gulp for any one! Its so crisp, cool and refreshing. Clearly a must have at all blogville pawties. This is the brew you need on those cool porch nights cuddled on the couch under the Christmas lights in June. A great chaser to those shots of koolaid. This is my top pick of the century and may very well replace my Keystones."

Now this is a tasty brew and all the doggies have been lovin the test this guy

And this guy can't seem to get enough...

These guys show that sharing one of these brews is always a good time wif furiends!

Even the kitteh's have been enjoying the fresh squirrel flavor!

And guess what...the big strange dogs liked it too!

And we didn't know what the hell this was...but hey!  We don't discriminate!

We even snuck some to this guy to try....but shhh...don't tell the Secret Service, BOL!

But warning...dis stuff is potent and don't drink too much like dis guy....

Or you'll end up like dis guy...

and dis guy...

So gets your orders in!  Puddles...I have already sent you over a case :)

Hope you all will likes it I am off to have some is a Friday night after all!  Party on dudes!

Barks atcha soon....

PeeS...Mama saw this at the fair place she went to tonight while Daddy and I drank some Doxie Ale together....I think Corbin may want one :)


Of course I can't have have the ladies be disappointed and have a whole post without one pic of me!!  

Ooops...dink I's had a little too mmuch bbrew wif dad...burrrp :)
Sorry ladies!


  1. Can it be shipped internationally?? Or will our custom officials confiscate it for themselves.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. ouw mommish barkday ish tomowow so we must place an order for kegs of this good stuff furry much on the speedy. we fink all the humans and furrys alike will love it

    pibble sugars and wee wiggles
    the pittie pack

  3. Squirrel??? Did someone say squirrel??? Gotta have it! Gotta have some of that!!

  4. OMD...I has my face on a beer bottle! Dis is a dream come true fur me.
    Da best beer should always haves a hint of squirrel and Cheeto's...and Mango...hehehehe!
    I's laughing so hard reading da reviews...da Christmas lights on da porch in June...Bwhahahahahahaha!
    I's waiting heres patiently fur my shipment.
    La la la dee daa...........


  5. Heehee!! Your funny levi!


  6. Bwahahahahahahhahahahahha!!! Oh my dog, Levi Mac! This whole post is cracking me ups!!!!

    I hope your production center will be able to keep up with da demand.......I think Puddles Beer will be a hooge success!!


  7. OK, I will take a couple of cases for me and another case for my sister Rosie. Does it come in a light version? I am watching my weight.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Levi,

    I bet you won't be able to keeps up wif all da orders dat you is gonna gets fur dis most wunderful beer! Tanks fur lettin' me a part of it's debut! I just luvs it...*burp*...'scuze me!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. Nothing like a little brew-ha-ha to get the weekend started!

  10. I'll take two cases... Alex is thirsty!

  11. Dude, I'm out. Need to get some more. Can't enough of the puddles!

  12. What the heck? There is Mango in there? Think about what you are drinking, pal. Oh dear.


  13. BOL! Levi! You've gone suds wild!

    Waggin at ya,

  14. Nice! Do they ship worldwide?

  15. BOL can we get that in Kegs? Man there is nothing like beer with a hint of cheetos - our favorite! We heart puddles.