Thursday, November 25, 2010

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! My story and pressies.....

So the story of you have a couple days?  What mom!?  I gotta keep it short...well ok I guess I can try....

This was the very first picture that my mommy saw of me and since I don't tell anyone what happened before this day I'll start there....

I start with my mom's story.  This is all repeated from her words to me. yea, she talks a lot!  So...she and my dad had been wanting a dog for a couple of years but dey rented where they weren't allowed to have ANY pets!  Can you believe dat!?  So they got married and immediately bought a house.  The first thing they knew they wanted to do was get a pup.  They just didn't know what, where or who.  So they looked at all sorts of breeds: Labs, Puggles, Boston Terrier's, Pit Bulls, and all sorts of funny mixes that they hadn't heard of.  They just kept checking to try and find what they were lookin for.  And they kept checking a website called Precious Pups (yes I am precious)- see that's where my cousin Dillon came from before going to Homeward Bound (where Emmett and Corbin came from) to make more room and my auntie Jen Jen still helped them up there.  They are way up north and don't get a lot of people so auntie Jen Jen tries to help them as much as she can.  So mommy and daddy saw this picture of me and two odder doggies named Nash and Jersey.  They liked the looks of the three of us and decided to travel up to meet us (3 hours away) and decide which doggie they wanted for their own.  They said they wanted an older doggie instead of a puppy.  So they called Lisa and Jim who run da place and set up a time to meet us.  They asked lots of questions and were told that I was a stray that was brought into the local kill shelter where they rescued me from.  That was all they knew. 

My side: So I don't have any pictures of me before the first one that was taken wif Lisa and Jim and I don't like to talk about me before that time so let's leave it at I was a stray that was brought to this strange place where they weren't gonna keep me alive for long.  See I am Rottie and they thinks Pit Bull and 2 years old....lots of things not in my favor for adoption.
I don't have any baby pictures but I looked online and think this could of been me when I was a baby....

So anyway Lisa and Jim came to get me and asked me to come to their place until I found my family.  I definitely didn't want to stay at the shelter so I ran to go wif them.  I was there for a couple months.  They had lots of room for me to play.  I got to play with other doggies and be in their house wif them too.  They said it was to see if I was house trained and good wif other dogs but I just think they wanted me in the house wif them :)
There was this man that came to see me a few days before my mommy and daddy came and was interested in me but Lisa said that he would have to wait since she had someone coming that weekend and promised to be able to meet me first.
Saturday August 7th came and my mommy and daddy came to meet me.  As soon as I saw them I was barking from my pen at dem.  And I never bark, it's just that when I saw them I knew I wanted to go home with them!  They said they had met Jersey at the foster mom's place and really liked her but her foster mom wanted to keep her.  They met Nash first.  Mommy and Daddy loved him but he was like on puppy crack or something cuz he was pretty crazy and mommy and daddy were scared he would be more than they could handle.  So they came and met.  Sees, I so much more cuter in person that they picture showed.  And they were amazed at my block headedness.  I came out to meet them and was excited but was sure not to act too crazy like that Nash.  They taught me sit in like 2 seconds with num nums and were amazed I was off leash and so good in the open yard. 
But they were very upset about the other dog still and said they wanted to go have lunch and discuss things.  They wanted to be sure to make the right decision even though I tried to tell them it was ME!  I mean...they got in the car and I was skeered they might not come back so I jumped in the car wif them.  I knew they were my pawrents without a doubt!!  But they took me out of the car and drove away. 
They came back about an hour later.  Apparently they got a little lost when they went for gas after lunch.  I was soo nervous.  They said they had thought long and hard and knew I was going home with them.  So they signed a bunches of paperworks and I got in the car with them.  It was a long car ride home but I gots to sit in the back seat with my new daddy so it was pretty pawsome....

And when we finally pulled up to my new home, I knew they I had made the right choice!  And mommy and daddy saw ALL the time that they can't believe what a great dog I am and that they were so lucky to have picked me!  BOL!  They didn't pick me---I jumped in the car wif them, but hey, I'll let them think they had a choice :)

PeeS...Don't worry about that other man who wanted me, he adopted another doggie there.  Nash found a home and went to Long Island and Jersey lives with her foster mom-who is now her permanent mom :)

Sooo.....if you are still awake let's move on to pressies for my mommy and daddy.
First I would like to get dem on of these things

cuz they said they like camping and I can't wait to go wif them but um....not so sure about sleeping on the ground in a tent so this looks like it would be much more comfy.

Then I think I would get dem one of these

My daddy just LOVES them and Corbin talks about it so much I think they should have one and I can ride in it wif them.  I could see it now....

And also one of these....

cuz I would love a brudder or sister that I could play wif.  I would even be ok if it was one of these

as long as they were my furiend!

Ok, ok so I know this sounds like gifts for me but come on- mommy and daddy love me and therefore any gift for them is also something they can do wif me.

So there you have it folks!  Hope you are all awake still and are having a woofderful thanksgiving day!  I can't wait to eats day turkey and stuffing wif my mom and dad.  If I don't get to all your posts today I will catch up tomorrow! 

Barks atcha soon.....


  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I know they made the right choice, too. It's so sweet of your to want to give back to them somehow, even if some of the gifts are for yourself as well. The house is happy when the animals are happy, right?

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh, you did make the right choice for sure! They are the perfect family for you and you are the perfect family for them. I'm so glad you're all living happily ever after together.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  3. Levi, what a beautiful story!! You look a lot like Minnie, right down to the white stripe on your chest!! Maybe you are siblings of different mothers!!

  4. I am so happy the good Lord brought you all together. My critters always worry if other critters are lonely or homeless. Love your stories!! Happy Holidays to you and yours. From our home to yours. Tammy

  5. I love the fact that you jump in the car after them!! That was so great. That way they just had to know!! So great you found a loving love. Happy Thanksgiving Levi and family!

  6. Thanks for sharing your story! I don't know who was luckier, them or you! Happy thanksgiving!

  7. Thanks for sharing your story! I am so happy you have a happy life with a great family! I don't blame you for not wanting to talk about the past - I don't like to talk about mine either!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. That was a wonderful story. Seems to me everybody got just what they needed.


  9. Thank you for your story
    Happee Thanksgiving
    Benny & Lily

  10. Happy Thanksgiving! It is nice that your pawrent got married just so they could get a doggie!! HAAHAA!!


    Pee.s. You are so handsome, Levi!

  11. Great story!

    Happy Turkey Day!


  12. Dude, I super glad your mom and dad let you adopt them! No other dog would be as cool to play with! Speaking of playing... free this weekend?!

  13. That is such a wonderful gotcha story and I hope your Thanksgiving was every bid as special as you!

  14. A wonderful story.
    I hope you had have a fantastic Thanksgiving.

    Nice woooh

  15. Wonderful story Levi. I'm glad you picked the right family. Very smart. Take care, no worries, Carol.

  16. Levi!!! I love your story!!!! I love how you jumped in the car! Dogs just know! and you are one smart pup!