Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Proof!!

Not sure if anyone remembers my cousin Dillon's supposed claim that he does not do the things I accused him of and he was gonna get the law involved but mamma finally obtained the proofs we needed!  And let me tell you that if this is true....then you just know the rest of what I said was true!!
If you don't remember then check out the story here.....Tasty Dillon
See I own up to my truths that my cousin tastes yummy and sometimes he sticks his head in my mouth, but he swears he would never do such a thing and that he would never put my head in his mouth and dat the picture shown in dat post was falseness and he was only hugging me wif his head and not trying to eat me.  LIES I TELLS YA!!

Refreshing those of your minds of his response to that other post.....

"Dillon's Rebuttal:
Good Afternoon Doggie Bloggers. I am normally a rather reserved fellow. This blogging thing is new to me. (Although my mom aka Auntie Jen Jen reads all of your blogs and laughs her head off). I feel as though I must clear my good name based on these libelous comments made by my cousin (my mom is also a lawyer - so take that Levi!!).
I would just like to clear to the air on a few things:

(I) I put up with a lot from Levi (mostly without retribution) and I would like to point out that I hold 2 degree's from Good Manner's Dog School and I have also had some additional advanced training. Now my cousin Levi on the other hand . . . where to start. This beast puts the bitey on me constantly, does not "settle down" when told to do so and runs in the other direction when his mom says "come". I try to explain the "play rules" to him, as I am also currently enrolled in a top flight school (The Pet Lodges in Glenville) taught by a real 2 legged favorite of mine named Michelle. But I digress.

(II) I most certainly have never put that beast's head in my mouth. I mean really. Lord knows where his head has been last. I am way to refined for such shenanigans.

(III) As far as the allegation that I peed on him. I was simply going to the bathroom and the ding bat stuck his head under there - what exactly was I supposed to do. I mean he didn't even move he just stood there and let me keep peeing on him. His mother (my Auntie Jackie) had to pull him away. Um yeah - I'm dealing with a real genius here.

(IV) My alleged bad boy behavior. Yes I do have a tendency to get riled up when I meet another dog on my leash. I was attacked by another dog while out walking one day and now I am leash reactive. But as I have mentioned already I am getting some advanced training with that and getting better everyday. However, in an off leash setting I am a total angel at my previously mentioned place of learning.

(V) Tasting like chicken. This may in fact be true. I have never bitten myself so I can neither confirm nor deny this allegation.

I am really starting to like Albert (brother to Puddles) he seems like a very sensible fellow. We should get together and have tea.

Regards, Dillon"

So anyway...despite his denials to the fact here is indisputable (yes Dillon I can use big words too, I just don't like to show off- so there!) proof of his eating my head.'s not my fault I has a big head and he can't fit it all in his mouth.

As you can clearly see, my head is in his mouth.  And while I do think I am tasty too....he still tastes like chicken, BOL! 
So all in all, I think this proves my case and if this is true, then you know the rest of my allegations were true as well. 

Good thing we are best buds :)
He comes over every weekend now for playtime!  I gets sooo excited when I see him in the window that I start to whine- and for those of you who don't know, I am a relatively quiet kinda dude.  Guess it's true to watch out for the quiet ones, BOL!  Auntie Jen-Jen says Dillon starts getting crazy as soon as he hits my street cuz he knows where he's going and he can't wait to get there.  Despite his words otherwise- he loves me!! could he not!!

Barks atcha soon!!

PeeS.....NO Dillon....I am not posting your rebuttal or comments again
(even under da threats of force...or pee, BOL)!
This is MY blog :)


  1. you silly boys crack me up!! Haylie hates when doggies get stuck in her mouth too :)
    Fred has peed on haylies head more than once *sigh*

  2. Whatev dude. That's called the bitey face. We'll settle this on Sunday. Me, you, your yard at noon! Its on. BOL!!!

  3. Oh! Hilarious, what rebuttal
    Benny & Lily

  4. That is major bitey-face! We're having a bit of trouble with your Proof, as we can't tell who is who! Looks like you're having a great time.

    Dillon certainly expresses himself well, but that doesn't mean he doesn't let himself go in a game of bitey-face.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. Can't tell us apart!! BOL! Dillon has a red collar, mines is blue. I have da white belly so I m da one on da ground trying to avoid his swallowing my head :)

  6. Okay wait...Daisy, Bella, and Kendra can't tells who is who???????? Has you evers seen those 3 girls? Splittin' image of each others!

    Anyways, Uh...puuuuuuuulease don't do dis to me, I will nevers go against either one of you so I has NO COMMENT!

    Oh and Brudder Albert is a dork but I not suppose to say dat out loud.


  7. Oh and one more thingy...we could always use a lawyer in Blogville.


  8. Dude, it looks like he's trying to stick his tongue down your throat... Sorry, Dill Dude. But it does. Are you guys going to move to VT so you can be in a relationship? I hear they don't allow cousins to date in NY but they do in VT... or down south.

  9. Well, I guess that settles that, or does it????

  10. I think if you had been quicker, his head might have been in your mouth...

  11. You two is so funny! Maybe one day I can meets Dillon too. :)

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  12. LOL. Awesome. Levi, I believe you even if no one else does.

  13. You two are so funny! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my "Cash for Comments" post. I am now a follower of you too. I look forward to getting to know you better.

    Your new friend.............Noah

  14. Enjoyed our visit to your cool doggie bloggie!
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  15. Oh my gosh you two boys are quite the "who's on first" team. So glad to have found you today. Stop by for a visit and say hello to the gang when you can. Hugs. tammy

  16. tanks for visiting our bloggy... we's new to yours~

    You two are funny...
    IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

  17. That Dillon should be seen and not heard. What a bunch of nonsense he wrote with his red letters and all. The peeing on your majestic head is the end. What a jerk. He needs to watch where you are is all.

    And he does look like he tastes like chicken (and I bet he has bitten himself to try, don't think he hasn't).


  18. You boys are might handsome. Mz. Mabel would like a taste of both of you! BOL!