Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Not a Wordless Wednesday!

I prayed and prayed....
And I waited....
and it paid off!!  My furiend Puddles is back! 
(I hope she doesn't mind I used her picture!!) 
Isn't she da wonderfulest beatifulest funiest doxie you ever did see!  She makes me almost tinkle in my crate on a daily basis cuz she is so's funny's!  Now I am on my way to bring her da beer's!  I am making my own special brew just for hers!

On another note...this was something my furiend Mango pointed out...

Read about it from Calhoun, his furiend and I am now following :)  It's words of wisdom I tells ya!

And don't forget about a few holiday events coming up!!

Your adoption story...find details at Miss Minna Krebs bloggie

Frankie's what we want to buy our 2 leggers...find out by clicking on his name...details...details...
Both to be posted on Thanksgiving!!  Coming up soon furry furiends!  Num, num...turkey, I can't wait!!

I am sure you all know about the Holiday Card X-change

But did you know about Sally's Holiday Gift Exchange?
Be sure to check out all these upcoming events! 
Barks atcha soon!!

PeeS...Sorry I haven't been around to all your blogs.  Mom and Dad have been "redoing" the office and not let me on the puter much.  Mom promised that I could catch up tonight....


  1. Yuh! I was glad to see the Puddles as well (although she does not make me tinkle). What kind of beer you making? Hope it isn't Mango based.


  2. wish has been answered my furiend! I is back and ready to always. Now whatcha gots brewin'? I am fond of...anything.
    I am so in loves withs da Grace Happens badge...ain't nuttin more perfect!
    I just loooooves dat foto of you looking out da window.


  3. Dude, your blog is like an advertisment! You can be happy for Puddles to be back and all, because, well, everyone is! But you lay off your moves on her... she's still my girl. Just sayin'....

    Watch for my blog tomorrow because I'm having a give away and you'll surely want to enter!!!!
    ps. dude, sorry I didn't get your email until Sunday night... mom was crazy busy with the rescue last weekend. Weather is supposed to be nice this coming weekend - maybe we can walk in the crossings or have a play date with us and Maggie Mae! It's been a super long time.

  4. I was delighted to hear that Puddles was back too!

  5. Whoa thanks Levi your post today was like info overload - I need to go check out sallys stuff I hadnt heard about that one yet!Sorry your mommy and daddy are busy but glad they let you use the computer to stop in and say hi!

  6. We have huge smiles on our faces this morning because Da Puddles is back!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. OoH Levi,

    I has missed you! We is all very happy dat Puddles is back! Her is one of my BFF's!:)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  8. I'm glad everyone is as glad as we are to have Puddles back. I made a Puddles Support Badge which you can copy from my blog. I think we should all proudly sport Puddles badges.

  9. I am with you, Levi. Things just weren't the same around here without Puddles.

    Your pal, Pip

  10. I'm glad too. Even though I don't know Puddles very well, I think I like her.

    Thanks for all the awesome links!

  11. Your wishing came true. Puddles in da house
    Benny & Lily

  12. wowsers that is bunches of cool fings goings abouts bloggyland fanks to you now we know whats what. we must say that we would'nt mind trying a wittle of your yummy beers it might make our toots super aromable teehee

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  13. Yay!! Happy for you and Puddles. Thanks for the heads-up's on the cool happenings!

  14. Hi Levi,

    We found you on Corbin's blog! We are so happy to be your newest friends. Thanks for letting us know all the awesome stuff going on right now!


    Minnie Moo

  15. hihi levi!!
    thanks bunches 'n tons for stoppin' by to visit me! i'm followin' you now, too! :)
    isn't it just so super duper nice to have miss puddles back? it wouldn't be the same without her! oh, what kinda beers are you makin'? you are so full of the talents!

    the booker man

  16. Hi Levi! Mamma thinks yous a cutie- whatever. She's silly sometimes. I told her she shouldn't say stuff like that to us man-dogs.

    Anyway, nice to meet ya!